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Registration and Scheduling


Spring 2020 Registration:

It is that time again!  Registration for Spring begins November 4, 2019

Updates on BIO Course Offerings

  • For any registration issues/requests, please email Lynette Giordano ( Lynette. . Emails must include your Student ID number. If any courses needed do not have a waitlist, please email Lynette to be placed on a manual waitlist.
  • BIO 299 (Advanced Microbiology for Nursing and Allied Health) is being offered in Winter 2020 .  This is a 4 credit lecture/lab course which is designed to fulfill the microbiology with lab pre-requisite for Allied Health programs.  This is NOT accepted toward the Biology major.  
  • BIO 204 and BIO 205 will be offered in Spring 2020.  A limited number of sections of BIO 204 will be offered in Spring 2020 along with BIO 205.
  • BIO 361 will be offered in Spring 2020.  We are offering BIO 361 (Biochemistry) in the spring semester. 
    • EBH 316 is NOT being offered for Spring 2020. T he Human Evolutionary Biology department will not be offering EBH 316 in Spring 2020; however,  EBH 302 will be offered instead. Please plan accordingly.
  • BIO SPK requirement:  The most common path for students within the Biology Major to fulfill the SPK requirement is co-registration of BIO 204 and BIO 458.  BIO 458 is a zero credit, S/U graded course, which would be passed based on a student's performance in three public speaking assignments already included in BIO 204's curriculum.  Please note, in order to fulfill the SPK requirement with BIO 204, the student MUST register for BIO 458 in the same semester. For more information, visit  SBC Curriculum for Biology Majors.
  • BIO WRTD requirement: The WRTD requirement can be fulfilled by registering for BIO 459 in conjunction with an approved upper-division Biology course that offers an acceptable term paper or laboratory report.  For more information, see  Upper Division Writing Requirement Information under "Forms"

BIO Advising Appointments:

BIO advising appointments can be made on Navigate.    Please note that we will not be accepting walk-in appointments. If you have a pressing issue, and no appointments are available, please email Kira Schultheiss (  or Rachel Ulysse (

For  Pre-Health advising, please sign up for appointments with the Pre-Health office using Navigate.

Biology Course Retake


Please note new university rules for course re-take permission:

  1. Students taking a course for the second time will no longer need advisor permission.  Students that are enrolling in retakes will need to wait until mid-January to enroll, pending seat availability at that time.
  2. The current policy of petitioning for re-take permission through Academic Advising for a third or more attempt remains in place

Biology Course Registration Issues - See Lynette Giordano 

If you have any problems registering for BIO courses, then make sure to email Lynette Giordano immediately ( Some of our courses (i.e., BIO 201, BIO 202, BIO 205, BIO 207, BIO 315, BIO 358) may have reserved seats. Some courses (e.g., BIO 475, 476, 486, 487, 488, 489) will require departmental permission. Ms. Giordano can assist you with any such issues.  

If you have questions about registration for chemistry courses, please contact Katherine Hughes (

Course Offerings by Semester 

You may want to see the history of Biology Major/Minor course offerings over the last several years. If you are considering postponing a course until next year, then this file may suggest when it will be offered again. You should always double check with a Biology Advisor.


Declaration of Specialization

All Biology majors must officially declare a specialization before graduation. As noted above, registration in some courses can depend on your declared specialization.  Students may stop by the Undergraduate Biology program office  to fill out a major declaration form.  Major/specialization changes at that time will be effective for the Spring 2020 semester.


Spring 2020 Degree Candidates

Spring Degree Candidates: Please make sure to submit your completed Upper Division Writing Requirement Form and graded lab report/term paper to us as soon as possible.  If no re-writes are required, this step may take 3-4 weeks.  We will not be able to clear you for graduation until all requirements have been met.