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Undergraduate Biology Program at Stony Brook

Mission:   Provide a rigorous, engaging Biology curriculum that develops an interdisciplinary understanding of the living world and links learning to the excitement of discovery.


  • Together with faculty from the life sciences departments, provide coherent course sequences that meet student demand and enables timely progress to graduation.
  • Mount and staff introductory laboratory courses in biology, and provide technical support for advanced laboratory courses.
  • Provide student services including orientation, academic advising, transfer course evaluation, clearance for graduation, and alumni contact.
  • Help faculty with course scheduling, student registration, exam administration, and grade reporting.
  • Continually improve student success by regular assessment of all these activities.


  • Students will have access to course sequences needed for a full education in biology and timely progress towards their degree.
  • Laboratory courses will receive the technical support that allows instructors and students to focus on learning outcomes.
  • Students will receive the information and academic advice they need to succeed, while making best use of available resources.
  • Faculty will have access to facilities that meet their instructional needs and to adminstrative support that lets them focus on student learning.
  • Regular assessment of all courses and specializations in the Biology Major will ensure that the curriculum remains rigorous and informed by new discoveries.


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