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Biology BA

Effective for the Fall 2018 semester, Stony Brook University is now offering a BA in Biology degree.  Completion of the major in Biology BA requires a minimum of 55 credits in life science coursework, along with an 18-24 credit non-overlapping, approved, College of Arts and Sciences minor.  The minor must have no more than a 3 credit overlap with the life science requirements for the Biology BA.

Biology BA Informational Handout

Biology BA Major Checklist - With List of Approved Minors

The Biology BA provides an option for students interested in careers that build on foundational knowledge in the life sciences, but who also have strong interests in areas such as the fine arts, humanities, or social sciences.  The BS program is most appropriate for students interested in graduate studies in the biological sciences or technical positions in industry, including biotechnology, government agencies, and research institutes.  Both programs provide excellent preparation for professional careers in the health sciences.

Biology BA vs Biology BS Four Year Plan