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Biology B.S.

Undergraduate Biology offers a Bachelor of Sciences (B.S.) in Biology. The B.S. program is most appropriate for students interested in graduate studies in the biological sciences or technical positions in industry, including biotechnology, government agencies, and research institutes. The BIO B.S. provides excellent preparation for professional careers in the health sciences. More information can be found in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

All Biology B.S. students must declare a specialization before graduating. Note:  students can only declare ONE specialization at a time. To declare, students must fill out the Undergraduate Major/Minor form in the Enrollment section on SOLAR. The Undergraduate Major/Minor form is generally available a week before registration begins and closes during the first week of classes. Specific deadlines for each semester can be found on the Academic Calendar.

Find out more about our specialization options below, including specialization checklists, a suggested semester schedule, and a video tutorial on how to fill out a specialization checklist. 

Biology Major Suggested Semester Schedules.

Grad Checklist Tutorial Video.

Biology B.S. Specializations and Major Checklists: