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Faculty Books on Languages &  Linguistics

Sato 2018

Eriko Sato co-authored  Japanese Stories for Language Learners   with Anne McNulty  (Tuttle, 2018)  

  Translation of Kumaravyasa

S. N. Sridhar authored Translation of Kumaravyasa, Book 3, chapters 2 & 3 (Center for India Studies, 2016)

Eriko Sato authored  Complete Japanese Grammar (McGraw-Hill, 2014/2021)

Sato Essential Grammar

  Eriko Sato co-authored  Essential Japanese Grammar  (Tuttle, 2012) with Masahiro Tanimori



Sato 2012 Basic Japanese

Eriko Sato co-authored Basic Japanese: Introduction of the Structure of Japanese  (Tuttle Publishing, 2012) with Samuel E. Martin


Sridhar Modern Kanada Grammar S.N. Sridhar authored  Modern Kannada Grammar(Manohar, 2010).
sridhar 2009 S. N. Sridhar authored  Indina Kannada-Racane mattu Balake (Contemporary Kannada: Structure and Functions, Abhinava Prakashana, 2009).
Esato 2008

Eriko Sato co-authored  My First Japanese Kanji Book (Tuttle, 2009) with Anna Sato.

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Chinese Heritage Language

Agnes Weiyun He edited  Chinese as a Heritage Language:  Fostering Rooted World Citizenry  (University of Hawaii Press, 2008) with Yun Xiao.

Sridhar Language in South Asia

S.N. Sridhar co-edited  Language in South Asia (Cambridge University Press, 2008) with Braj B. Kachru and Yamuna Kachru.  


Eriko Sato authored  Japanese Demystified  (McGraw-Hill, 2008/2012/2016).

Sato Contemporary Japanese

Eriko Sato authored  Contemporary Japanese: An Introductory Textbook for College Students (Tuttle Publishing). 

Zeng Breaking Boundries  

Dongmei Zeng co-authored  Breaking Boundries: A Content-Based Academic Reading and Writing Text (Kendall Hunt Publishing Company, 2001) with Julia B Carroll. 

Reconstructing Institutions

Agnes Weiyun He authored  Reconstructing Institutions: Language Use in Academic Counseling Encounters (Greenwich, 1998).


Agnes Weiyun He edited  Talking and Testing: Discourse Approaches to the Assessment of Oral Language Proficiency  (Benjamins, 1998) with Richard Young.

Sridhar Kamal 1989 Eng in Indian Bilingualism

Kamal K. Sridhar authored  English in Indian Bilingualism , (Manohar Publications, 1989).

Sridhar CSP

S.N. Sridhar authored  Cognition in Sentence Production: A Cross Linguistic Study  (Springer Verlag, 1988).