Programs and Resources Related to China Studies at Stony Brook University

Minor in China Studies

Our program is dedicated to the study of China, both as a vital part of the world today and as one of the great civilizations in human history. To this end, we offer courses ranging from language to literature, history, religion, comparative studies, anthropology, philosophy, sociology, and other areas. We seek to foster in our students an appreciation of the rich heritages of China’s past as well as of the complexities of China’s present.

Teacher Education Program for Chinese

Stony Brook University has an undergraduate teacher education program in Chinese leading to New York State initial teaching certification and the B.A. degree in Asian and Asian American Studies: Adolescent Education –Chinese, Grades 7 – 12.

Study Abroad & Exchange: China

Faculty members in the China Studies Program have been taking their students to China since 2007.

Confucius Institute at Stony Brook University

Hu/Seifman award

The China Studies Program is pleased to announce the  2016 recipients of the annual Hu/Seifman Memorial Awards and Scholarships:

  • Leadership Award Winner:   Luo Luo Fang
  • Chinese Studies Scholarship Winner:   Luo Luo Fang, Jing Lin Gao, Julie Mei, Sheng Lin
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