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Mail Services Information

  • Bulk - Lift Services

    USPS Marketing Mail - formerly known as BULK Mail or Standard Mail is non-profit mail

    For help and inquiries please email Colin Pilkington at

    Mail Service Nonprofit Presentation

    What is Nonprofit Mail? 

    Nonprofit Mail is printed material eligible to be mailed as USPS Marketing Mail at significantly reduced nonprofit postage rates.

    What are qualifying items that can be mailed using Nonprofit USPS Marketing Mail from our nonprofit permits?

    • Letters
    • Flats
    • Self-mailers
    • Newsletters
    • Booklets (weighing less than 16 ounces)


    Minimum Quantity

    USPS Marketing Mail provides economical prices for mailings of 200 or more pieces or 50 or more pounds of mail.


    Mail-piece Weight

    All USPS Marketing Mail pieces must weigh less than 16 ounces. Flat-size pieces that do not meet the standards must be prepared as parcels and pay parcel prices. The following weight limits also apply to pieces mailed at USPS Marketing Mail letter prices:

    1. Pieces mailed at automation or machinable letter prices may weigh up to 3.5 ounces. Automation or machinable letter-size pieces weighing more than 3.5 ounces are mailable at the nonautomation, nonmachinable letter prices.
    2. Pieces mailed at automation carrier route (saturation, high density, high density plus, and basic) letter prices may weigh up to 3.5 ounces. Automation carrier route letters weighing more than 3.5 ounces are mailable at the applicable nonautomation carrier route letter prices.

    A properly designed mail-piece qualifies for the best postage rates possible and will help you avoid unanticipated costs and ensure accurate delivery.


    Mail-piece Design Analyst

    Central Services has Mailpiece Design Analysts (MDAs) on staff who can answer your questions about mail-piece design, including reply mail design. These employees provide advice and evaluate mail-pieces for machinability and automation-based prices.  Contact us at 2-6348 for additional information.


    Commercial - Designing Letters and Postcards for Automated Processing

    Letter-size mail and card-size pieces meeting the applicable automation standards are entitled to automation prices. This Quick Service Guide summarizes the standards for mail with 100% delivery point barcodes and mail without barcodes processed on USPS optical character readers (OCRs).


    • Minimum: 3-1/2 inches high, 5 inches long, and either 0.007 inch thick if not more than 6 inches high and 9 inches long; or 0.009 inch thick if more than 4-1/4 inches high or 6 inches long, or both.
    • Maximum for cards at card rates: 4-1/4 inches high, 6 inches long, and 0.016 inch thick.
    • Maximum for letters and other cards: 6-1/8 inches high, 11-1/2 inches long, 1/4 inch thick.
    • Rectangular, with four square corners and parallel opposite sides. Letter-size, card-type mailpieces made of cardstock may have finished corners that do not exceed a radius of 0.125 inch (1/8 inch). Automation priced letter-sized pieces are not subject to (rectangular) when they are prepared as a trailing edge die-cut (TED-C) automation piece under the “Trail Edge Die-Cut (TED-C) Process for Eligibility at Automation Letter Prices” advisory available on PostalPro at

    Maximum Weight:

    • First-Class Mail Presorted Machinable—3.5 ounces (0.2188 pound).
    • First-Class Mail Automation—3.5 ounces (0.2188 pound).¹
    • Periodicals Barcoded (Automation)—3.5 ounces (0.2188 pound).¹
    • USPS Marketing Mail Automation—3.5 ounces (0.2188 pound).¹
    • Enhanced Carrier Route—3.5 ounces (0.2188 pound).¹
    1. Heavy letters over 3 ounces, if barcoded, must bear an address block delivery point barcode unde and be part of a 100% delivery point or Intelligent Mail barcoded mailing. Heavy letters must be prepared in a sealed envelope, and may not contain stiff enclosures or be prepared as a self-mailer or booklet-type mail-piece.


    • Polywrap, polybag, and shrinkwrap.
    • Clasps, strings, staples, buttons, or protrusions that might impede or damage the mail or mail processing equipment.

    Other machinability standards:

    • Rigid and odd-shaped items prohibited or restricted.
    • Tabbing for self-mailers or booklets. 

    Pieces with delivery point barcodes or Intelligent Mail barcodes must meet all standards.

    • Format of barcode bars  
    • Minimum clearance around barcode for barcodes printed on a mail-piece or label: 1/8 inch on left and right sides; 1/25 inch above and below barcode.
    • Placement of address block barcode, lower right barcode, or barcode within a window: see page two.
    • Reflectance standards for barcode and portion of mail-piece on which barcode is printed.


    Barcode in Address Block

    When the barcode is included as part of the address block the barcode must be placed in one of these positions:

    • Above the address line containing the recipient’s name.
    • Below the city, state, and ZIP Code line.
    • Above or below the keyline information.
    • Above or below the optional endorsement line.


    Additional Basic Standards for USPS Marketing Mail

    Each USPS Marketing Mail mailing is subject to these general standards:

    • All pieces in a mailing must be of the same processing category, except that irregular and machinable parcels may be combined in 5-digit scheme and 5-digit sacks or on 5-digit scheme and 5-digit pallets.
    • Each mailing must contain at least 200 pieces or 50 pounds of pieces. For volume requirement eligibility unique to Presorted USPS Marketing price mailings contact the department of Mail Services. 
    • All pieces in a mailing must be sorted together and marked under the standards for the price claimed.
    • Each letter and flat piece must bear the addressee‘s name and delivery address, including the correct ZIP Code or ZIP+4 code, except as allowed when using alternative addressing formats or detached address labels (DALs) and detached marketing labels (DMLs).
    • Nonprofit USPS Marketing Mail machinable or irregular parcels must bear the addressee‘s name and complete delivery address, or may use an alternative addressing format.
    • Postage must be paid with precanceled stamps, meter stamps, or permit imprint.
    • A postage statement, completed and signed by the mailer, using the correct USPS form or an approved facsimile, must be submitted with each mailing. In addition, mailings must be documented and the standards for the price claimed.
    • Each piece must meet the standards for any other price or discount claimed.
    • Any barcode on a mailpiece must be correct for the delivery 
    • Mailings must be deposited at a business mail entry unit of the Post Office where the postage permit or license is held and the annual mailing fee paid, unless deposit elsewhere is permitted by standard.



    L.I.F.T SERVICES  Labeling, Inserting, Folding and Tabbing

    Mail encapsulates Labeling, Inserting, Folding and Tabbing

    Rate of Service- $0.11 cents per piece up to three pieces, anything thereafter is free


    Cost is $0.33 cents up to three sheets, next five sheets are free of charge.

    Tabbing Free
    Labeling Free


    All mailing lists are uploaded into our Pitney Bowes ConnectRight Database, and we perform NCOA for free.  Mail Services updates all mailing lists for the departments for free when we do the mailings.

    Mail Services can help the campus community eliminate time consuming tasks of folding and inserting by using our Pitney Bowes Relay 2500 Folder Inserter for accuracy and uninterrupted process performance as well as our Pitney Bowes Tabber to apply wafer seals to material that require them.

    Mail Services is a mailing agent for Stony Brook University and provides the most cost efficient savings on your material and mailings with no hidden charges.

    Please contact Central Services today to see how we can better service your needs.

  • Campus Mail

    Campus Mail

    General Policy

    Inter-office mail service should be used only for official University correspondence. There are certain materials that should not be sent through Campus Mail, including stapled items, currency, library books, liquids, medical supplies, personal items, and office supplies. 

    Addressing Envelopes

    It is essential to include the departmental/office Zip+4 extension in the mailing address. Please adhere strictly to the format below when sending on-campus mail.

    Recipient's Name (if applicable)
    Department/Office Name
    Campus Zip+4

    Please note that room numbers, building names, street addresses, etc. should never be used.

    When using reusable manila inter-office envelopes, please cross out the previous address with a single line and use the next sequential empty address box from top to bottom, left to right. This common sense approach allows us to use the previous address as a return address in the event of a delivery problem.

    When using regular envelops, please but your return Zip+4 in the upper left hand corner (no other return information is needed.) It is recommneded that two X's be written in the upper right hand corner of the envelope so that the mail is not confused with mail going off-campus. 

    Large Packages

    Please do not send printed materials in boxes larger than a mail bin. If a large volume of letters, flyers or other documents are being sent to a single destination, please apportion them into a few separate packages. In addition, please remember that if you have difficulty lifting a heavy package, your mail carrier will have a challenge transporting it to its destination.

    Campus Address Directory

    The most current address information for campus employees may be accessed using the Campus Address Directory. We encourage you to bookmark this site and use it whenever convenient.

  • Department Zip Codes

    Department Zip Codes

    General Policy

    Inter-office mail service should be used only for official University correspondence. There are certain materials that should not be sent through Campus Mail, including stapled items, currency, library books, liquids, medical supplies, personal items, and office supplies.

    Hospital Clinical HSC
    Departments Zips
    11th Floor Nursing Station 7111
    13N Nursing Station 7132
    15N Nursing Station 7151-7153
    16S Nursing Station 7161-7162
    17S Nursing Station 7175, 7179
    18N Nursing Station 7181
    19N Nursing Station 7191, 7194, 7195
    6W PICU/Child Life 7261
    7W/CVICU 7277
    8W 7276
    9N Nursing Station 7094
    9S Nursing Station 7096
    9W 7275
    Academic Affairs/Medical Education 8432
    Admitting 7513
    Adult Infusion Department 7264, 7266
    Allergy (HSC) 8161
    Ambulatory Surgery Center 9440
    Anatomy 8081
    Anesthesiology 8480
    Attorney General 9110
    Audit Compliance (Flowerfield) 6062
    Authorizations, Financial Navigation, Patient Access (Cancer Admin) 7251-7256, 7625
    Bellavie Med Spa 9393
    Bio Med Informatics 8322
    Biomedical Engineering 8018
    Blood Bank 7530
    BME Research Lab 8084
    Bone Marrow 8183
    Bookstore (East) 8279
    Burn Unit 7084
    Business Office 9113
    Campus Card (HSC) 8301
    Cancer Prevention 8175
    Cancer Support Services 7267
    Cardiac Acute Care Unit (CACU) 7589
    Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU) 7590
    Cardiology 9260
    Cardiology (HSC) 8167
    Cardiology/Specialty Services (Commack) 9414
    Carol Baldwin Breast Center 9460
    Center for Medical Ethics 8335
    Central Sterile Supply 7320
    Cerebrovascular Center 7447
    Clinical Education 9102
    Clinical Integrated Network (Commack) 9407
    Clinical Skills 8220
    Continue Medical Education 8222
    Corporate Training 9155
    CPEP 7435
    CPMP 9152
    CPMP (HSC) 8552
    CPMP/HR (Flowerfield) 6065/6066
    CRC 9219
    CSEA 8555
    Dean - School of Medicine 8430
    Dermatology 6078
    Dermatology (Commack) 9400
    Dermatology (HSC) 8675
    Diabetic Program 7124
    Dialysis 7177
    Dietary/Morrisons 7012
    Distribution Services 7010, 7015
    DLAR (BST) 8611
    DNA (BST) 8085
    E.N.T Surgery 9200
    East Campus Power Plant 9490
    East Physical Plant/MOC 8016, 8015
    Eastern Long Island (ELI) 6850
    EEG 7138
    Emergency Medicine (HSC) 8350
    Employee Health 7080
    Endocrinology (HSC) 8154
    Endoscopy 7773
    Environmental Health & Safety 8017
    Executive Director (Hospital) 8410, 8414
    Facilities Management 9124, 9127
    Family Medicine 9250
    Family Medicine (Patchogue) 9424
    Finance 9112
    Financial Services (LVL 5) 7500
    Gastroenterology 9292
    Gastroenterology (HSC) 8173
    Gen. Services/Hospital Receiving 8011, 8014
    General Counsel 9255
    Geriatrics (HSC) 8228
    GI Trans. Research Lab 8176
    Gift Shop 7519
    Grad Program-Public Health 8338
    Hand Therapy 9225
    Health Tech. Management 8200-8206
    Healthcare Epidemiology 7018
    Heart Center 7585-7588
    Hematology (HSC) 8151
    HIM/Medical Records 9409
    Hist./Comp. Labs 7024
    Hospital Accounts Payable 9115
    Hospital Administrators 8500-8511
    Hospital Garage 7579
    Hospital Purchasing 9111
    Hospital Timekeeping 9121
    Hospitality 7008
    Housekeeping 7013
    HSC AV Audio Services 8272
    HSC Library 8034
    Human Resources (Tech Park) 9300
    Imaging 9462
    Imaging (Commack) 9402
    Infectious Disease (HSC) 8153
    Info Desk 7593
    Information Services (IT) 8037
    Information Tech (Flowerfield) 6060
    Internists (Commack) 9408
    Island Federal Credit Union 8277
    Labor & Delivery 7597
    Labor Relations 8329
    Labs 7300
    Lawson Support 7009
    LI High Tech Incubator 9900
    LI Vets Home 9500
    Linen/Laundry 7014
    Lipid Cancer Lab 8155
    Managed Care 9411
    MART Administration 7263
    Med Staff/House Staff 7097/7718
    Media Services/Photography 8030, 8032
    Medical Admissions 8434
    Medical Care Review 7019
    Medical Informatics 8330
    Medical Records 7131
    Medicine/Med. Finance 8160, 8164
    Mobile Mammogram 9126
    Mother Infant 7595, 7599, 7601, 7606
    Multidisciplinary Clinic 7250
    Nephrology (HSC) 8166
    Neurology 9257
    Neurology (HSC) 8121
    Neuropsychology 9129
    Neurosurgery (HSC) 8122
    New Construction 8019, 8004-8006, 8008
    NICU 7598
    Nursing Administration 7715
    OB/GYN (140 Belle Mead) 9240
    OB/GYN (6 Technology Dr) 9254
    OB/GYN (Bohemia) 9422
    OB/GYN (Commack) 9412
    OB/GYN (HSC) 8091
    Ophthalmology 9210
    Ophthalmology (HSC) 8223
    OR Clincal Office 7442
    OR/AICU 7440
    Orthopaedics 9220
    Orthopaedics - In Patient 7142
    Orthopaedics (Commack) 9404
    Orthopaedics (HSC) 8181
    Pain Management 9464
    Pathology (1320 SB Rd) 6085
    Pathology (BST) 8691
    Pathology Labs 7025
    Patient Access 7133
    Patient Access (Commack) 9415
    Patient Advocacy 7522
    Patient Safety/Quality Management 9118
    Pediatric Infectious Disease (HSC) 8224
    Pediatric Oncology (PONC) 7262
    Pediatrics (37 Research Way) 9202
    Pediatrics (4 Technology Dr) 9203
    Pediatrics (Flowerfield)+B21A62:B227 6064
    Pediatrics (HSC) 8111
    Pediatrics (Smithtown) 9418
    PEF 8554
    Pharmacology (BST) 8651
    Pharmacy 7007
    Photo Copy 8013
    Physical Therapy 9205
    Physical/Occupational (Hospital) 7144
    Physician Outreach/Communications 9226, 9228
    Physiology (BST) 8661
    Planning 9106
    Plastic Surgery 9267
    Population Health 9429
    Pre Op Services (1320 SB Rd) 6077
    Preventive Medicine/Family Medicine 8036, 8461
    Primary Care 9252
    Psychiatry (Commack) 9405
    Psychiatry (HSC) 8101
    Psychiatry (In Patient) 7100-7102
    Pulmonary (HSC) 8172
    Pulmonary Function 7089
    Quality Management 9117
    Radiation Oncology 7028
    Radiation Oncology Admin 8328
    Radiology 8420, 8460
    Radiology (1320 SB Rd) 6080
    Recruitment 7575
    Registration Per Center 7529
    Respiratory Therapy 7088
    Risk Management 7757
    RRAMP/CPH 6018/6012
    Satellite Blood Draw 9101
    SB Administrative Services 9417
    SB Children's (Commack) 9406
    School of Nursing 8240-8245
    School of Social Welfare 8230-8239
    Sleep Center (Smithtown) 9139
    Social Work Services 7017
    Southampton 6700
    Speech Language 9208
    Spine Surgery 9266
    Spiritual Care 7737
    Starbucks 7518
    Student Affairs (HSC) 8436
    Student Services (HSC) 8276
    Surgery (Holbrook) 9423
    Surgery Associates (Smithtown) 9420
    Surgery ENT (HSC) 8191, 8192
    Switchboard 7011
    Technology Services 9114
    Tumor Registry 9125
    Urology 9265
    Urology (HSC) 8093
    UUP 8553
    Vascular/Vein Center 9394-9395
    Volunteers 7027
    World Trade Center (Commack) 9401

    Departments Zips
    Academic Success & Tutoring Center 3205
    Academic/Transfer Advising Services 3217
    Accounting 1151
    Accounts Payable (Bldg 17) 6000
    Admissions 1901
    Advancement/Alumni 1601
    AERTC (Advanced Energy Center) 6044
    Affirmative Action 0251
    African Studies 4340
    AIM/EOP 3375
    Alan Alda Center 3394
    Alumni 3354
    Alumni Rm - 4th Floor 4046
    Anthropology 4364
    Application Support Admin 3383
    Applied Mathematics 3600
    Art 5400
    Asian American Studies 5343
    Athletics 3504, 3500
    Audiovisual JAVITS 2699
    Audit 1308
    Automotive 2001
    Bio Chemistry 5215
    Bio Medical Engineering 5280, 5281
    Biology Science 5200
    Bldg Management (Ronkonkoma) 9122, 9123
    Bookstore 3395
    Budget 1307
    Campus Rec 3131
    Campus Residences 4444
    Career Development 3363
    CEIE 4335
    CELT 3373
    Center for India Studies 3386
    Center for Italian Studies 3358
    Center for Prevention & Outreach 3214
    Central Reading Room 3300-3349
    Central Receiving 6500
    Central Stores 2050
    CEWIT 6040
    Chapin Apartments 5600
    Chemistry 3400
    Civil Engineering 2323
    Civil Engineering (Old Computer Science Bldg) 4424
    Client Support 3382
    Cogen Plant 2099
    Communications/Publications 0605
    Computer Center 2400
    Computer Science 2424
    Counseling Center 3100
    Creative Writing 3371
    CSEA Office 4414
    Dean - Engineering 2200
    Dean/College Arts & Sciences 3391
    Dental 8700-8715
    Developmental Genetics 5140
    Disabitlity Support Services 3216
    DoIT (ECC) 2630
    Ecology & Evolution 5245
    Economics 4384
    Electrical Engineering 2350
    Employee Assistance Program 4307
    English Program 5350
    Enrollment Retention 1919
    Enterprise Risk Management 0180
    Environmental Health & Safety 6200
    European Studies 5359
    Facil. Design & Construction (Bldg 17) 6010
    Faculty Student Assoc 3209
    Fedex/Kinko's 3392
    Financial Aid 3252
    Frey Hall 3443
    Gender Studies 5356
    Geosciences 2100
    Global Affairs 3379
    Global Initiative 3396
    Government & Community Relations 1131
    Graduate School INC Education 4433/4422
    Harriman College of Business 3775
    Hispanic Language 5355
    History 4345-4348
    Human Resources 0751
    Humanities Institute 5354
    I.A.C.S 5250
    IEC (Intensive English Center) 3390
    Infectious Diseases 5120
    Infirmary 3191
    Information Technology 2610, 2620, 2630
    Institutional Research, Planning & Effectiveness 1707
    Interfaith Center 3235
    IPP (Int. Prop. Partners) / Tech Lic. 3369
    IT Employee Office 3204
    Jasmine Café 4040
    Journalism 3384
    Korean Studies 3377
    Labor Relations 1015
    Language Learning Resource Center (LLRC) 4308
    Laufer Center 5252
    Legal 1212
    Linguistics 4376
    Lockshop 6205
    Marine Atmosheric Science 5000
    Material Sciences 2275
    Mathematics 3651
    Mechanical Engineering 2300
    Microbiology 5222
    Music 5475
    Neurobiology 5230, 5232
    NY SEA Grant 5001
    Office of Educational Effectiveness 3357
    OLLI 4304
    Ombuds Office (Psych B) 2566
    OPD (Office of Proposal Development) 3367
    Orientation 3201
    OVPR/DoIT 3360
    Parking Services 6245
    Philosophy 3750
    Physical Plant (MOC) 2002
    Physics 3800
    Police/Public Safety 5501
    Political Science 4390, 4392, 4395
    Pre Proffessional Advisors/Academic Affairs 3351
    President's Office 0701
    Property Control 6550
    Provost 1401
    Psychiatry 8790
    Pyschology (Psych B) 2500
    Quarterly Review Bio (QRB) 5004
    Recycling 6551
    Registrar 3221
    Research Informatics 3368
    S.T.E.M. 5233
    SB Child Care 4000-4002
    SB VAC/Vol. Ambulance 4780
    Scan Center 5299
    School of Professional Development 4434
    SEA Grant Extension 5002
    Simons Center 3636
    SINC Site 3350
    Small Business Development Center 6016
    Sociology 4356
    Sponsored Programs/Grants Management 3362/3366
    Stadium Office 3525
    Staller Center/Art Gallery 5425
    Stony Brook Foundation 1188
    Structural Biology 5115
    Student Activities Center 2800
    Student Conduct & Community Standards 3253
    Student Financial Services 3222
    Student Union 3200, 3220
    Study Abroad 3397
    SUNY Korea 2246
    Sustainability Studies 3352
    Tank Gas 5201
    Tech & Society 4404
    Telecom (ECC) 2620
    Theater 5450
    Transportation Services (South P Lot) 4010
    Under Grad Biology 5110
    Undergrad Education 3257
    UUP 3388
    Vice President 1002
    VISA/Immigration Services 3393
    VP Research 3365
    W. Campus Dining/ FSA 4460
    Wang Center/Confrences & Special Events 4044
    WC Power Plant 2008
    WISE 2244
    Writing Program 5340
    WUSB 3263
  • Residential Student Mail

    Residential Student Mail

    For more information please see Mailroom Services for how to pick up your mail.

  • Incoming Mail

    Incoming Mail

    General Policy

    The use of Stony Brook Mail Services is limited to the conduct of University business. Personal mail should not be sent through Campus Mail.

    Campus ZIP+4

    The Zip code 11794 is used exclusively by Stony Brook University, and is the only information needed by the U.S. Post Office to direct a piece of mail to the University. The four-digit Zip+4 extension assigned to each department is the primary means of sorting mail by Mail Services and is absolutely necessary for efficient handling of your mail. This extension, also known as your Mail Code, should be included whenever campus addresses are used (envelopes, letterheads, business cards, websites, etc.)

    Campus Address Format

    Please adhere to the standard campus address format when giving your address. We find that in many instances users are including more information than necessary in their address to properly route mail to departments, while often excluding the Mail Code, which is vital for accurate routing of mail.

    Your Street Address

    Rather than use street addresses derived from the campus road system, we use a much more specific "virtual" street address derived from each department's unique Mail Code. For your street address you should use your Mail Code (i.e., your Zip+4 extension) followed by the abbreviation SUNY. Please note that the order of the address lines is very important. The basic format is as follows:

    Format Example
    Sender's name (if applicable) John Doe
    Department name Mail Services
    Street Address 6999 SUNY
    Stony Brook, NY 11794-(Mail Code) Stony Brook, NY 11794-6999

    In certain instances, recipients may wish to add more information to their address (for instance, room numbers & building names when an article might be shipped by a private carrier such as United Parcel or FedEx.) In such a case, all other information should be included above the street address; the bottom two lines of your address must always be the street address and city, state and Zip+4.

    Format Example
    Sender's name (if applicable) John Doe, Chairman, Search Cittee.
    Any other optional information Central Svcs. Bldg. Rm 111
    Department name Mail Services
    Street Address 6999 SUNY
    Stony Brook, NY 11794-(Mail Code) Stony Brook, NY 11794-6999
  • Outgoing Mail

    Outgoing Mail


    General Policy

    ALL OUTGOING MAIL must be bundled and separated by type as follows:

    • Letter size mail
    • Flat size mail (8 1/2' x 11 1/2')
    • Express mail
    • Foreign mail
    • Inter-office mail

    Please indicate on the Mail Services Requisition Form the Postal Class you wish each bundle of mail to be sent through U.S. Postal Service. If not designated, all mail will be processed as first class mail.

    It is absolutely the sending department's responsibility to separate and bundle the mail; Mail Services will not pick up mail that is not prepared as listed above!


    Mail Services Requisition Form

    Mail Services Requisition Form


    Return Addresses

    All mail to be sent off-campus must have a return address. The return address should include the department's name and must include the campus Zip+4. The return address is absolutely necessary in case Mail Services needs to contact the sender's department before mailing an item or if an item is returned by the U.S. Post Office. Opening envelopes to determine the sender is extremely time-consuming and often inconclusive, and therefore Mail Services cannot guarantee return of any items without a return address.


    Addressing Envelopes

    Delivery Address Placement

    On a letter-size piece, the recommended address placement is within the optical character reader (OCR) read area, which is a space on the address side of the mailpiece defined by these boundaries (see Example OCR Read Area) OCR Read Area}:

    1. Left: 1/2 inch from the left edge of the piece.
    2. Right: 1/2 inch from the right edge of the piece.
    3. Top: 2-3/4 inches from the bottom edge of the piece.
    4. Bottom: 5/8 inch from the bottom edge of the piece.

    Example OCR Read Area

    OCR Area

    Address Placement Causing Mail to be Nonmailable or Nonmachinable

    The location of the delivery address on a letter-size mailpiece determines which dimensions are the length and the height of the piece. Consequently, the placement of the address may render a piece nonmailable or nonmachinable.


    Large Size Mail

    Please notify Mail Services in advance when you have an unusually large mailing. Mail bins should never be more than 3/4 full. Please notify us a day in advance if you require extra mail bins.

    Substantial savings can be realized by departments that do frequent or large mailings of certain types of correspondence. Please see our web page devoted to categories and classes of mail to see if a cheaper alternative to First Class Mail is possible for at least some of your mail.


    International Mail

    All International Mail over 13 oz. must have a Customs Declaration Form attached! If customs regulations are not followed completely and documentation is not exact, the mail will be impounded by customs until the addressee makes arrangements for clearance and pays the required duties for the release of the package.

    The recipient's country name must be spelled out in capital letters in English and should always go on the last line of any foreign address.


    Non-Profit (Bulk) Mail

    All non-profit (bulk) mail must consist of at least 200 pieces or 50 pounds. All envelopes must arrive in Mail Services in zip code order. Each piece of mail must be identical in size, weight, and content in order to qualify for the non-profit rate. Foreign mail does not qualify.

    Please call (631) 632-1189 for more detailed information on this service.

  • Sending Certified Mail

    Sending Certified Mail

    1. Fill in recipient's name and address at the bottom of the form and write the date mailed in the "Postmark Here" area.
    2. Peel the backing from the bar-coded label and place at the top of the envelope immediately to the right of the return address so the dotted line is even with the top of the envelope. Fold the upper green part of the label over the top of the envelope. DO NOT place the sticker to the far right or on the side of the envelope; sufficient space must be left for attaching postage.
    3. Detach the certified mail receipt and keep for your records (you will need the number on the receipt if you wish to trace the letter.)

    Certified Mail

  • Forms Order Sheet

    Forms Order Sheet

    The following items are available for order:

    • Mail Service Requisition (SUSB 2)
    • Bi-Weekly Attendance & Leave Accrual Report for Research Foundation (SUSB 128R)
    • Bi-Weekly Attendance & Leave Accrual Report for State (SUSB 128S)
    • Domestic Return Receipt (PS 3811)
    • Certified Mail Sticker (PS 3800)
    • Express Mail Label (Label 11-B)
    • Express Flat Rate Envelope (EP 13-F)
    • Priority Envelopes Large (EP 142)
    • Priority Envelopes Small (EP 14B)
    • Insured Mail Receipt (PS 3813)
    • Delivery Confirmation Receipt (PS 152)
    • Course Evaluation Form
    • NCS Exam Form

    To order any of these items, please call Mail services at 632-6231 or complete the Forms Order Sheet (SUSB 2732) and follow the submission instructions on the form.

  • Information Regarding USPS

    Information Regarding USPS

    For more information about USPS, visit their website below.

    Other services from them include:

    United States Postal Service Current Price List

    ZIP Code Lookup

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