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Gifts in Kind Program

Donations (Gift in Kind)

Department will need to notify the Property Control Gift in Kind coordinator that they would like to receive a donation. 


Steps needed to complete submission of donation for approval.

  1. Documents must be provided to verify the value of the donation. The determination of the value of a gift is the responsibility of the donor.  The donor should provide an outside appraisal of the gift if the donor seeks a tax deduction, or if the donor does not seek a tax deduction a statement of approximate market value.
    1. Note: A donor requesting a tax deduction, they may request that Stony Brook University signs off on Section V of the IRS Form 8283. This form should be submitted to and must at minimum have the donor’s name, identifying number, and description of the donated property on the form in accordance with the IRS Form 8283 instructions more information can be found on the IRS website or the person or entity donating should contact a qualified financial or legal adviser. 
  2. Department will need to complete a Gift-in-Kind Form
  3. Submit completed Gift-in-Kind Form and donation value documentation to

The Property Control department requires the completed Gift in Kind Form and the documentation of value for the donation prior to the university accepting the donation. 

The Property Control Gift in Kind Coordinator will generate a Statement of Acceptance letter which will be forwarded to the VP area for signature and final approval to officially accept the donation once the proper documentation is submitted.

Any donated equipment defined by SUNY as having a useful life of a year or more and has a value of $5,000.00 or more must have an asset decal assigned. These assets will be reported on the SUNY inventory system.

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