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*COVID-19* To assist our departments and end-users during this unprecedented time, please see below for updated guidelines and procedures related to travel & expense.

COVID-19: Travel Reimbursement Guidelines

COVID-19: Submittal of Travel Card Reconciliations

COVID-19: Submittal of State Travel Reimbursement Voucher Exceptions

COVID-19:  Submittal of Research Foundation Travel Reimbursement Voucher Exceptions



Beginning on October 1st, 2021, the Federal Real ID Act will be enforced and travelers who choose to use a state-issued driver's license as a source of identification for Transportation Security Administration (TSA) airport checkpoints, will need to ensure they are compliant with Real ID. To better prepare travelers for the Real ID Act and help fully understand its requirements, we have provided additional information below:

Important Information for Domestic Air Travelers:

The Federal Real ID Act imposes stricter security requirements for state-issued driver's licenses and other forms of ID. This will take effect on October 1st, 2021. Once the Real ID act is in place, every:  air traveler will need to provide Real ID-compliant identification in order to board domestic flights. 

*For Additional Information, please see FAQ's*