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Property Status Change

Property Status Change

Project Directors planning to transfer equipment to another institution should obtain an inventory listing for the grant(s) involved from Property Control (contact (631) 632-6306).

1. The Project Director should complete the Property Status Change Form (PSC) indicating the Research Foundation equipment that is intended to be transferred. Any equipment shown on Property Status Change form that is not on the property control inventory listing cannot be transferred until resolved with the Property Control Office. This must be completed prior toobtaining the approval signatures of the Chair and Dean. If adjustments are made, the Project Director must obtain a revised inventory listing before obtaining approvals in Step 3.

2. Project Director will obtain approval signatures of the Department Chair and Dean on the PSC form and forward to Sheila Routh in the Office of Grants Management, W5510 Melville Library, Zip 3366. The inventory listing obtained in step one or two must be attached to the PSC form when forwarded to Grants Management.

3. The Property Coordinator in Grants Management (Sheila Routh) will review for sponsor conditions, approve when sponsor requirements are satisfied and forward to the Property Control Office. Internal notifications of the Project Director's intent to move will be made to appropriate Grant Administrators, Coordinators, Grant and Financial Specialists, Account Establishment Supervisor and Sponsored Programs Administrative Secretary.

4. The Property Control Office will adjust inventory records and notify the Property Coordinator in Grants Management that the transaction is complete.

The AVP of Grants Management will ensure that a copy of the PSC form and cover letter is sent to receiving institution in grant files and send notice to receiving institution's Sponsored Programs Administration Office, as well as to the Project Director, Chair and Dean at Stony Brook.

Any questions regarding the Property Status Change process may be directed to Sheila Routh at (631) 632-9107

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