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Security and Maintenance

Security and Maintenance

Archives management requires appropriate protections for both paper and electronic information. Security threats in records management come from all directions ranging from malware and data breach theft, fire, or flood, making it essential to incorporate multiple types of security in records management.

  1. Three main parts to ensuring protection for records management security are:

    • Physical damage
    • External data breaches
    • Internal theft or fraud
  2. Types of security and access are:

    • Locked security storage areas – Using storage areas like filing systems is the first and earliest method for securing paper files. By keeping them locked and secure, it will keep prying eyes away and the records safe from theft. 

      •  Document redaction – While in the past papers needed to be redacted before they were scanned, today documents can be redacted during the scanning process itself to obscure sensitive parts of new digital documents.

      • Access control lists (ACL) – ACL’s are used for limiting access to sensitive files to only those who need it. Predefined lists with authorized users can be configured while any other prying eyes are locked out.


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