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Property Control




Our Goal

The Property Control Department’s mission is to provide inventory support and services to Stony Brook University. We provide decal and inventory tracking services to the campus community. We also provide pick up and a removal of equipment and furnishings through our surplus property program and aim to redistribute any items that can be reused.


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Additional Information

The Property Control Department maintains Stony Brook University's inventory of equipment records. University equipment items are physically identified annually, and the information pertaining to each item is updated in the State University of New York "Real Asset Management" system, RAM (formerly PCS).

Real Asset Management (RAM) is a computerized inventory system used SUNY-wide for the purpose of tracking State and Research Foundation equipment. In addition, the Real Asset Management (RAM) contains specific information about all SUNY equipment with a threshold greater or equal to $ 5,000 and having a useful life of two or more years. It includes items purchased for State, Research Foundation, Hospital, LIVH and items received as gifts or donations to the University.

The State University of New York Real Asset Management "RAM" was developed by SUNY Central Administration to provide consistency with property accountability and allows Property Control personnel to monitor the whereabouts of equipment that are acquired by University Personnel.

When a Purchase Order number is created for the acquisition of equipment an Asset Decal will be generated in the Property Control Office. At the time Equipment is received in the Central Receiving Warehouse the Property Control Staff will affix a decal to the item. This decal serves as a way of recording the physical and financial information about the item. All information pertaining to the item is recorded into the SUNY Real Asset Management (RAM). In addition, it ensures that the equipment is properly tracked during its service life and disposed of according to State and University guidelines. Property Control is responsible for maintenance of 'Real Asset Management' in accordance with the requirements established by Federal, State, Research Foundation, and University policies.

The Office of Management and Budget Circular A-110 specifies that an inventory of federal property must be maintained. In accordance with this regulation the Property Control Office conducts Annual Inventories for all equipment. In addition to annual inventories, Property Control staff performs physical inventories on a biennial basis on fixed assets.

At times equipment acquisitions can bypass the Central Receiving area. In this instance departments are to contact the Property Control Office (631) 632-6306 to schedule an appointment for PC personnel to physically affix the decal to the item.

The Property Control Department is also responsible for developing and maintaining policies and procedures for tracking and decaling equipment items under $5,000, spot checking selected equipment items < $5,000 to verify their location and condition, and reporting theft, loss or misuse of State assets in excess of $1,000 (original cost) to the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) on a quarterly basis.

In addition, The Property Control Office is responsible for surplus items throughout Stony Brook University. Information pertaining to surplus can be found here

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