About SB

Where Diversity Works

At Stony Brook, the diversity of employment opportunities available is equaled only by the diversity of our staff. Our more than 13,500 employees hail from more than 100 different countries and all 50 states. Stony Brook's workforce includes surgeons and sea captains, professors and pathologists, dentists, geneticists, and physical therapists. In addition to staffing Long Island's premiere health care facility and SUNY's flagship university, Stony Brook employees maintain 11 miles of roadway and more than 1,100 acres of property, as well as staffing 14 campus eateries. We fill hundreds of administrative, clerical, and supervisory positions every year. In fact, Stony Brook University provides more jobs for more people than any other single-site employer on Long Island.

One University, Many Workplaces

The Stony Brook campus is also home to the Long Island High Technology Incubator; the Long Island State Veterans Home, a skilled nursing facility; Kenneth P. Lavalle Stadium, a major sports venue; a child care center; a dental clinic; and a research and development park. The research Foundation alone provides more than 1,800 jobs. Our other off-campus locations include Stony Brook Southampton and Stony Brook Manhattan.

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