Project Aide Position Standard

Position Standards Title: Project Aide
Title Code: R266
Pay Range: S01

Effective date: May 2008

Distinguishing Features
Positions are established to accomplish necessary routine work for the project often in coordination with on-the-job training for employees. Employment in this title is temporary and no long-term commitments are possible.
Level of Complexity
Assignments may have different levels of task complexity: (1) uncomplicated tasks of a routine and repetitive nature, requiring a minimum of specialized skills or work experience. (2) Multiple step tasks or a variety of tasks; (3) performance of processes which involve multiple tasks.
Knowledge/Formal Training
Required knowledge will usually be obtained by on-the-job training. Such training will vary by the complexity of tasks assigned. Formal education courses relating to work may determine the level of assignment.
Job Related Experience/Special Skills
Incumbents need not have job related experience but previous exposure to specific methods or routines may be helpful.
Guidance Received
Incumbents will perform tasks under close supervision, with work being checked after task or process completion by the supervisor.
Typical Promotional Opportunities
None established for this position.
  • Hiring Range: $7.15 - $13.50
  • Max: $13.50
  • Titles: Project Aide, S01
The knowledge and experience requirements described in this standard may be satisfied by an equivalent combination of knowledge and experience.
Position duties are meant to be illustrative of the work performed by an employee with this title. The actual job description may contain specific duties which are not outlined in this standard, but which do not materially affect the classification.