Fellow Health Insurance Enrollment Information

The Research Foundation of SUNY offers comprehensive, reasonably priced, health insurance plan to all eligible graduate fellows. The following information explains eligibility, dependent coverage, monthly premiums, coverage dates and how to enroll in this health insurance plan:


  1. You must be paid a stipend of at least $4,122 for the period AND
  2. The stipend must be paid through the Research Foundation payroll system.

Note: Graduate student employees and graduate and postdoctoral fellows who hold a J VISA are not eligible for coverage.

Dependents Eligible for Coverage Under the Plan Include:

  • A legal spouse
  • A domestic partner
  • Unmarried children up to age 19


Bi-weekly Deductions (deducted from students pay check or the grant).

  • Individual: $102.09
  • Individual +1: $220.83
  • Individual +2: $292.30

Annual Benefits Maximums

  • Up to $350,000 maximum benefits paid as for In and Out-of Network charges (per policy year)
  • Up to $1,000.00 Maximum Benefits Paid for Out of -Network charges (Per Policy Year)
  • A $200.00 deductible applies to all inpatient Hospital admissions In-Network or Out-of-Network. A $100 Deductible applies to most other Out-of-Network Charges

When Coverage Begins and Ends

Coverage begins on the date your fellowship begins, or on the date you become eligible. To ensure coverage, you must enroll within 30 days of becoming eligible. Coverage ends on the last day of your fellowship, or the day you are no longer eligible.

How to Enroll (READ CAREFULLY)

Grant Pay

  1. You and your Project Director/Co Project Director must complete the Health Insurance Enrollment Application. You must also submit a copy of your Social Security Card and Birth Certificate or Passport. Copies cannot be made in our office. Please make your copies before you submit the enrollment form.
  2. If the Fellowship is paying for the health insurance your Project Director/Co Project Director must complete the section Fellow Health Insurance Payment located on the bottom part of the Health Insurance Enrollment Application. You will submit your completed enrollment application to Edmond Anderson, Infirmary building, Z=3191 or fax to (631) 632-2422.
  3. The Project Director/Co Project Director must also complete the section Health Insurance on the Academic Fellowship Form that is used to appoint you to the Fellowship.
  4. The campus department will forward the Academic Fellowship Form to the Human Resources Services Research Foundation Payroll Office. Upon receipt of a copy of the Academic Fellowship Form from the Payroll office, the Office of Grants Management will enter a separate Labor Schedule into the Oracle system to encumber grant funds for the cost of the Fellow's health insurance. Biweekly payments will be charged to the grant from this encumbrance. Health Insurance will terminate upon termination on the Fellowship.

How to Enroll for Self Pay

You must complete the health insurance enrollment application and submit the enrollment application to Edmond Anderson. The health insurance premiums will be deducted from the Fellows check bi-weekly.

Once your application is processed the insurance carrier will send your ID card and a member handbook.

* While this web page is intended to be a useful reference, it is not a substitute for your Group Certificate or handbook. If there are any discrepancies between this web page and handbook or the Group Certificate, the handbook and Group Certificate will prevail.