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Living at Stony Brook Southampton

Students choosing to live on campus at Stony Brook Southampton will be placed in either Amagansett Hall or Southold Hall.

These buildings offer a single-gender cooking suite consisting of two (2) double-occupancy rooms and three (3) single-occupancy rooms housing a total of seven (7) people per suite.  A full kitchen is available in the suite for the residents to share and prepare meals. Each suite shares a common bath and shower area, therefore only members of the same gender can live in the same suite. 

Please note: Southampton does not currently offer a meal plan. There are kitchens available to those who live in the residence halls. 

For University rules and policies, please consult the Terms of Occupancy and Student Code of Responsibility.

The Residence Life Office will make every effort to meet the medical needs of students who demonstrate a need for a single room. Each building does have a small number of ADA accessible rooms for students who utilize wheelchairs. A student wanting to request a single room for medical reasons must contact Disability Support Services to make an appointment to discuss specific needs, and if appropriate, this Office will make a referral to the SB-Southampton Residence Life Office.

Included in the Room

Each student is provided the following furniture in their room:

  • XL Twin Bed
  • Desk & Chair
  • Dresser
  • Night Stand/Filing Drawer
  • Wardrobe

All bedrooms have access to their own thermostat (air conditioning/heat), a telephone line, cable jack, and a hard-wired Ethernet port. Wireless Internet access is available throughout the building.

Floor Plans

Students living on campus at Stony Brook Southampton are placed in a suite much like the one pictured below.

Bigger Singles:
Rooms 103, 116, 203, 216 in each building (Same price as regular single)

single room image

Regular Singles:
Rooms 104, 107, 204, 207 in each building

single room 2

Double Rooms:
Rooms 105, 106, 113, 114, 205, 206, 213, 214 in each building

double room image

Students are assigned to a single-gender suite consisting of two (2) double-occupancy rooms and three (3) single-occupancy rooms housing a total of 7 people per suite.  Each suite shares a common bath and shower area, therefore only members of the same gender can live within the same suite.

Updated Floor Plan:

floor plan


The following rates have been established for the 2016-17 academic year:
$5,275.00 per semester for a single
$4,597.00 per semester for a double

Please note that graduate students are billed on a monthly basis and undergraduates are billed on a semester basis.


Laundry facilities are operated on a Student ID card to pay for wash and dry cycles at resident laundry facilities. For answers to problems or questions, or to report a malfunctioning machine, call the "C-L-E-A-N" line at 632-5326.

Wolfie Wallet uses a stripe on the ID card that stores replenishable declining balance information. After adding money to the card through SOLAR, it can be used at residential laundry facilities in Amagansett Hall or Southold Hall.

If the ID card is lost or stolen, you do not lose your laundry account balance. To add money to your account, visit laundry services online. If the ID card is malfunctioning, go to the ID Office on the Main Campus in room 103 of the Administration Building or call (631) 632-2737.

Wolfie Wallet:            
$1.40 Washer Cycle    $1.40 Dryer Cycle

Washer Cycle: 40 minutes
Dryer Cycle:   64 minutes
The University shall not be liable to the resident(s) or guest(s) for injury to any person or damage to any personal property caused by water, rain, fire, steam, sewer, pipes, plumbing, stoves, refrigerators, laundry machines, dryers, or anything else which is beyond the control of the University.

Liability for risks or injury and/or damage to personal property, are expressly assumed by the resident. It is strongly recommended that each resident obtain appropriate insurance for personal property.

Information on insurance can be obtained online at:
Contact Us








Marisa Jeffers

Director of Student Life for Stony Brook, Southampton

Office: (631) 632-5115

Cell: (631) 831-0205

Office: Student Center 110B










Allison Jaekle

Student Life Specialist

Cell: (631) 459-6073

Office: (631) 632-5011

Office: Groundfloor of Shelter Island



Anastasia Carpenter
Student Life Assistant


Office: (631) 632-5113

Office: Student Center 110C


David Stevenson
Student Life Assistant


Office: (631) 632-5011

Office: Groundfloor of Shelter Island




Residential Life Office Fall and Spring Hours:
Every day, 7pm-11pm

Residential Life Office Address:
Amagansett Hall, room B-010
Southampton, NY  11968
(631) 632-5116 (office)

Residence Life Duty Number:
(631) 599-8985 - 7 days a week, 24 hours a day