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New Equipment
The Property Control Department (PCD) maintains the University’s inventory of equipment records.
As of March 1, 2021, PCD has instituted new processes for asset management in order to align with SUNY requirements.
There are two areas of tags which PCD assigns which are Asset Tags and Ownership Tags.


Asset Tags
Asset Tags are assigned to equipment and software purchases with an acquisition cost of $5,000 or greater. These are the tags we have been using in the past. Asset tags are green and white for Hospital funds, red for State funds, and white for Research Foundation funds.

How it’s done.

1. Equipment is received at Central Services and the asset tag affixed.

**Note if decal can’t be affixed or has bypassed receiving department will be contacted to have decal affixed. Hospital asset tags are mailed to the appropriate area.

2. The SUSB703 Real Asset Management form will be uploaded by the Property Control department to Wolfmart for department to complete building, room, floor, make, model, and serial number sections of the form. For Hospital assets the form may be sent electronically.

3. Department must complete necessary fields and return the form to the Property Control department.

4. PCD enters and tracks the asset in the SUNY Real Asset Management system (RAM)

5. Also note if the equipment moves location or is being transferred to another department in the future a PROC0067 Report for Surplus and/or Transfer of Personal Property form needs to be submitted to the PCD to maintain an accurate inventory location and auditing compliance.


Ownership Tags

Ownership Tags are assigned to equipment and items that have an acquisition cost less than $5,000 but are at high risk for loss or theft (e.g. computers, monitors, printers, refrigerators). These tags are blue and white.

How it’s done.

1. A requisition is entered on WolfMart

2. Once the order is approved and placed, PCD monitors orders for high risk items

3. Upon receipt of the order, PCD will provide the department with Ownership Decals

4. PCD enters the item in an SBU tracking system (not required to be recorded in RAM)

5. Individual departments are accountable for the high-risk items and responsible for affixing ownership tags to their items.

6. PCD will perform monthly random audits on high-risk item tagged with Ownership Decals (request may also be made by SBU Internal Audit or outside entities).


P-CARD Purchases

Purchases with Visa/Amex cards will be assigned an appropriate asset tag or ownership tag based on the acquisition cost of the item(s). It is the departments responsibility that is purchasing any qualifying items to provide report and provide documentation to Property Control.

The following information must be sent to the PC: receipt of purchase, Budget #, Building, Room, Phone, and Contact Person. Departments are to contact the Property Control Office at (631) 632-6306 to or email


Donations (Gift in Kind)

Department will need to notify the Property Control Gift in Kind coordinator that they would like to receive a donation. Department will need to complete a Gift-in-Kind Form and provide proper documentation of the value of the donation. This documentation may be but is not limited to appraisals, invoices, or receipts.

Once the Property Control department receives the completed Gift in Kind Form and the documentation of value for the donation the Gift in Kind Coordinator will generate a Statement of Acceptance letter which will be forwarded to the VP area for a signature and final approval.

Any item that qualifies for an ownership or asset tag will have one assigned as appropriate.

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