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MJ New Headshot

 Mary Jo Bona
 Distinguished Professor 
 PhD, English, UW-Madison 
 Research Interests:  Feminist theories and literatures;   feminist and queer narrative theories; multi-   ethnic American literary cultures; Italian   American/Italian diasporic literary and cultural studies;   diaspora/migration/critical race theories.
R Calvin 
 Ritch Calvin
 Associate Professor 
 Graduate Program Director
 PhD, Comparative Literature, Stony Brook
 Research Interests: feminist theory, Latina literature   and  culture,  Latina feminisms, feminist science   fiction, reproductive  technologies.
Manisha Desai
Executive Director for the Changing Systems of Power
PhD, Sociology, Washington University
Research interests: gender and globalization, transnational feminisms, global justice, particularly climate justice movements and human rights.
Lisa D 
 Lisa Diedrich
 PhD, WGSS, Emory University 
 Research Interests: critical medical studies, disability   studies, feminist theories, interdisciplinary methods. 
 Margarita Espada - Santos
Victoria Hesford
Associate Professor 
PhD, American Studies, Emory University
 Research Interests: gender, sexuality, queer   and feminist theory,  U.S. queer and feminist   history, popular and mass culture in the  postwar era, and critical theory. 
 Nancy Hiemstra
 Associate Professor
 Director of Undergraduate Studies
 PhD, Geography, Syracuse University
 Research Interests: global migration, immigration   enforcement practices, detention and deportation,   homeland  security, borders, gender, race, Latin   America, feminist  epistemology and methodologies
Cristina Headshot
Cristina Khan
Assistant Professor
PhD, Sociology, University of Connecticut
Research Interests:  feminist methodologies, sexualities, race/ethnic studies, body/embodiment, Latina/o/x studies, qualitative methods, sex work, and women of color feminisms
Jenean McGee
Assistant Professor
PhD, Comparative Ethnic Studies, University of Colorado, Boulder 
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 Liz Montegary
 Associate Professor & Chair of WGSS
 PhD, Cultural Studies, UC Davis
 Research interests: feminist and queer theory;   transnational American studies; LGBT/queer activism;   travel, tourism, and  mobility studies; cultural studies   of   militarization. 
 Suzanne Staub