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Terry Alexander Award 

Every year an undergraduate receives the Terry Alexander Award, honoring the mother of Courtney Alexander, a Women's Studies major who graduated in 2006. Terry was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1982, and worked to raise awareness about the disease until her death in 2006. This award is given annually to a graduating major in Women’s and Gender Studies, who has completed the Gender, Sexuality, and Public Health track, and is interested in a career in health care and/or health advocacy.

lisa and janice

         Terry Alexander Award Recipients 

            2009    Janice Lorenzana

            2010    Diana Gonzalez

            2011    Sarah Rooney 

            2012     Lindsay Maurin

            2013     Jaclynn Chen

            2014     Suhaira Choudhry  

            2015    Ascheley Charles 

            2016    Raven Dorsey

            2017    Carinna Emilio 

         Carinna Emiilo with the Alexander Family                      2018    Maylene Navarra & Talissa Tejada

MJ and Maylene        Melissa & Talissa                   

         Professor Mary Jo Bona & Maylene Navarra                                   Talissa Tejada & Professor Melissa Forbis


University Recognition of WGSS Students

Academic Achievement Award given by the Division of Campus Residences & Division of Student Life. Recognizes outstanding undergraduates who have earned a perfect 4.0 GPA for four semesters.

2017 - Nicole Lado

Academic Excellence Award given for academic accomplishments that go beyond the classroom experience. 

2018 - Brianna Rodriguez and Nicole Lado

Nicole Lado Nicole and Lisa

                                                                                                                        Professor Lisa Diedrich and Nicole Lado

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