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Vivien Hartog Awards

The department annually awards a Vivien Hartog Best Graduate Student Teacher Prize in memory of Vivien Hartog, who was a Ph.D. student in Sociology at Stony Brook and a Women’s Studies graduate certificate student. The $3000 award is given to the WGSS Ph.D. or certificate student who has not only received consistently high evaluations for their teaching, but has also demonstrated a strong commitment to social justice in and beyond the academy.

The second award, also funded by the Hartog family, consists of two annual travel grants of up to $500 each for graduate students to attend the Feminist Theory Workshop at Duke University. The workshop is designed to introduce both faculty and students to the latest work in feminist scholarship and theory and includes keynote talks and seminars. Both Hartog awards are open to WGSS graduate students and registered certificate students.

Vivien Hartog Award Recipients 

2006       Jessica York  hartof

2007       Maureen Shaiman

2008       Maria Prado Ballerin 

2009       Teri Tiso 

2010       Kristin Hole

2011       Rachel Tillman 

2012       Shannon Hayes 

2013       Timothy Johnston 

2014       Kimberly Cox

2015       Jenny Strandberg

2016       Joy  Schaefer

2017       Rachel Corbman and Yalda Hamidi 

2018       Shruti Mukherjee

Vivien Hartog Travel Award Recipients 

2010       Choonib Lee, Michelle Shepherd, Rachel Tillman 

2011        Ana Fernandez and Kristin Hole 

2012        Tim Johnston and Jeff Epstein 

2013        Alexis Chartashlaa and Laura James

2014        Briana Martino and Aihua Zhang 

2015        Michelle Ho

2016        Yalda Hamidi

2017        Rachel Corbman, Allyse Knox-Russell, Shruti Mukherjee 

2018        Rachel Corbman, Andy Eicher, Melis Umut

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