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M.A. and Ph.D. Students 

Ben A


Benjamin Aaron 
PhD student, 2017 -present
Areas of interest: racial, gendered, and state violence; Black studies and Black feminist theory; critical race and ethnic studies; critical legal studies; cultural studies; moral philosophy; poetics and poe try
                              Ashley Barry                        
Ashley Barry
PhD student, 2018-present
Areas of interest: affect theory, feminist film criticism,
Madness Studies, and queer theory. 
Stephanie Bonvissuto
PhD student, 2015-
Areas of interest: Gender/Sex, Identity Formation and Deployment, Embodiment and Body Politics, Feminist Theory, Social Psych ology.    

Corbman Final Headshot

Rachel Corbman 
PhD, 2019
Areas of interest: feminist and queer studies; the history of U.S. social movements; feminist and LGBTQ activism; the history  of feminist field formation and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality  Studies; critical university studies
Annu Daftuar
PhD student, 2016-present
Areas of interest: women of color feminisms, reproductive justice movements, feminist theories and epistemologies, decolonizing methodologies.
Andy Eicher 
PhD student, 2015-present 
Areas of Interest: Disability Studies, HIV/AIDS, Frankfurt School, Queer Theory, Feminist Theory, Critical Theory, Neoliberalism .
Yalda Hamidi 
PhD student, 2014-present 
Areas of interest: Feminist Theory, Feminist Literary Theory, Transnational Feminism, Middle Eastern/Islamic Feminism, Literature of Middle Eastern Women.   


Tara Holmes 
PhD student, 2015-present
Areas of interest: visual culture, queer theory, affect theory, and gender and sexuality in horror films. 
Katarzyna Kaczowka
PhD student,
Areas of interest: histories of labor and labor organizing; feminist STS; histories of the life and social sciences; genealogies of Marxism; new materialisms
Allyse Knox-Russell
PhD student,
Areas of interest: feminist and queer theories; feminist ecological and science studies; environmental justice and health; indigeneity and settler colonialism; environmental education and land-based pedagogies; film, media, and performanc e
                              PHOTO COMING SOON                                     Natalia Lopez-Vazquez
                                                                                                               PhD student, 2018 -present
                                                           Full Profile & Office Hours
Valerie Moyer
PhD Student, 2016- present 
Areas of interest: critical sports studies, disability studies, queer and feminist science studies, surveillance studies
Shruti Headshot
Shruti Mukherjee
PhD student, 2014-present
Areas of interest: history of women's movement in South Asia, gendered nationalism in South Asia, gender and armed conflict, borders and citizenship, sexual and gender identities, feminist pedagogy of research and gender in international politics.






Alexandra Novitskaya 
PhD student, 2014-present
Areas of interest: feminist and queer theory; gender in political science; international LGBT activism; gender and sexuality in Russia; John Stuart Mill; nationalism; ideologies and propoganda. 


Miranda Saenz
PhD student, 2017-present
Areas of interest: Indigenous Studies, Prison Abolition, Immigration, Chicanx/Latinx Studies, Bio/Necropolitics- Sterilization and Surrogacy, Disability, Post/Decolonial Literature
Melis Umut
Melis Umut
PhD student, 2013-present 



Carlos Vazquez
PhD student, 2017-present 
Areas of Interest:Critical Race Theory; Black and Latino Studies; Higher Education Studies; Disability Studies; Queer Theory; Transgender Studies; Masculinity Studie s








Graduate Alumni   

Laura Laura Abbasi-Lemmon 
MA, 2016
Thesis, "Experiencing and Knowing Pregnant Bodies: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Pregnancy Texts"
Committee: Lisa Diedrich, Liz Montegary, Michele Friedner
Placement, Ph.D. student in Women's Studies at UMD
Maggie H
Margaret Hill
MA, 2018
Thesis, "Reproductive Constraint: The Face of Modern Motherhood in an Era of Global Climate Change/Pollution and Neoliberalism"
Committee: Mary Jo Bona, Ritch Calvin, Kristina Lucenko
Joie Meier 
MA, 2018
Thesis, "White Supremacy in the Northeast: Keystone United in Pennsylvania"
Committee: Nancy Hiemstra, Zebulon Miletsky
Placement, Ph.D. student in Gender Studies at Indiana University 
Emily Whearty 
MA, 2017
Thesis, "Animating Food: Analyzing Choice, Control, and Disability"
Committee: Michele Friedner, Lisa Diedrich, Mary Jo Bona 
Placement, Precinct Advocate at L.I. Against Domestic Violence