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  • Transferring to Stony Brook
    Transfer-In Students

    International students who are admitted to Stony Brook University from another U.S. college, university, high school or language program in F-1 status are considered “SEVIS Transfers." This refers to the transfer of the student’s SEVIS record from one institution to another.

    You are also considered a SEVIS Transfer if you have completed a program or period of Post-Completion OPT at one school and then begin a new program at Stony Brook within 5 months.

    Students in J-1 status can only transfer to Stony Brook if they will continue to pursue the same program objective.



    Transfer-In Process

    Step 1: Inform your current school that you plan to transfer
    Step 2: Request an I-20 from SBU
    Step 3: Submit the Transfer-In Report
    Step 4: Receive your new I-20
    Step 5: Complete the intake procedures in accessVIS

    Important Note: Students who leave the United States between transfers must use Stony Brook University’s I-20 when arriving for inspection at the port-of-entry. Please keep all previous I-20s for Intake procedures.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I travel outside of the U.S. in between programs after my transfer-out date?
    Do I need a new F-1 visa?
    What should my transfer release date be?
    Am I still eligible for OPT at my previous school after the transfer-out date?
    How soon can I work on-campus at Stony Brook?
    Does time at the transfer-out school count towards the one full academic year provision for employment and practical training?
    When will I get my I-20 from Stony Brook?
    Why does my I-20 say 'Transfer Pending'?
  • Transferring from Stony Brook
    Transfer-Out Students

    Admission to a new school does not by itself authorize an international student in F-1 status to begin studying full-time at the new school.

    You must request that Visa and Immigration Services transfers or releases your F-1 SEVIS I-20 record to your new school before you can begin full-time studies there.

    Important considerations
    How to Apply

    If you've been admitted to a U.S. institution and wish to have your SEVIS record transferred, you must complete the Transfer Out Request in accessVIS.  

    Upload the following items and indicate your preferred SEVIS Transfer Release Date:

    • Acceptance Letter issued by the U.S. school or institution you wish to transfer to
    • A receipt from Student Accounts showing all outstanding balances have been paid
    • ‘Transfer In’ form from new school/program (if applicable)
    What is the SEVIS Transfer Release Date?
    What happens on the SEVIS Transfer Relase Date?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I stay in the U.S. between programs?
    How does my SEVIS transfer affect my travel plans?
    Can I use my current visa even though I am changing schools?
    How does my SEVIS transfer affect my on-campus employment eligibility?
    Can I request to transfer my SEVIS record after I have graduated?
    How does my SEVIS transfer affect my OPT authorization?
    Do I need to report to my new school’s international office?