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Research & Study Abroad

  • Overview

    International students must inform Visa & Immigration Services of their proposed study/research outside of the U.S. prior to departing.

    Approved requests for researching/studying abroad, along with the maintenance of full-time enrollment, will ensure that your SEVIS record remains active while you’re abroad.

  • Important Considerations


    You are required to register full-time  in order to maintain your F-1 immigration status while abroad.  If students fall below full time enrollment because it’s their last semester, they must request reduced course load authorization by completing the Reduced Course Load request form in accessVIS.  Any unauthorized changes in enrollment while authorized for research or study abroad could affect your ability to return to the U.S. 

    Valid Documentation

    Make sure you have a valid passporttravel signature (no more than 1-year old) and an unexpired F-1 visa prior to returning to the U.S.


    Because immigration status is not interrupted by research abroad, you are eligible for OPT or CPT upon returning to the U.S. if you were enrolled full-time for one academic year.

    Please note: For students wishing to request post-completion OPT, you must be physically within the US to apply for OPT authorization from USCIS.  

  • Research Abroad for Graduate Students

    Requesting to Research Abroad

    If you wish to request authorization from Visa & Immigration Services to research abroad, please login to accessVIS and complete the electronic Graduate Research Abroad request. Students must complete this form each semester they plan to spend abroad.

    Students traveling abroad under sponsored research awards are required to register in the Concur Request Module. Click here for Research Travel Guidance. For guidance while traveling on State funds, click here.

  • Study Abroad for Undergraduate Students

    Stony Brook University offers three different types of programs (Study Abroad, Exchange and International Summer School). 

    It is important that international students consult their International Student Advisor before finalizing any Study Abroad plans, and remain informed of immigration implications that go hand-in-hand with studying overseas.

    Requesting to Study Abroad

    If you wish to request authorization from Visa & Immigration Services to study abroad, please login to accessVIS and complete theStudy Abroad Request (Undergrad) electronic form.

    Students must complete the Study Abroad Request (Undergrad) form in accessVIS prior to the start of each semester they plan to spend abroad.

    Visit the International Academic Programs Office or visit the site for more information about studying abroad!

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