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P105: Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action

The University Policy Manual serves as Stony Brook's repository for many important policies and procedures. Section P105 outlines the University's policy regarding Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action. 


Code of Student Responsibility

The Code of Student Responsibility is a document that gives an overview of campus policies and procedures which grant rights and outline restrictions to appropriate behavior at Stony Brook University. The Conduct Code outlines "Respect for Persons" beginning on page 6.


P400: Chosen or Preferred Name Policy

Stony Brook University recognizes that members of our community may wish to use a chosen or preferred name that is different from their legal name.  In an effort to respect and support individuals who wish to be referred to by a name other than their legal name, the University acknowledges that a chosen or preferred name will be used where possible.

You may set your preferred name by logging into your SOLAR account. Under Security and Personal Data, select Names. Click the edit button next to the Preferred Name type. When finished click the SAVE button.


ID Card Replacement for Transitioning Students

In the event any Stony Brook University student/faculty/staff member begins transitioning after the start of their career at Stony Brook University, there exists an opportunity for them to obtain a new photo on their University identification card.

A student/faculty/staff member has the ability to change the name on their University identification card to match their chosen or preferred name.

The individual must meet with the Coordinator for Multicultural Affairs (LGBTQ* Services area). New campus cards will be granted to individuals on good faith that their photo is causing them undue stress. The University reserves the right to deny any petition if it is deemed the petition is not submitted with appropriate intentions.

The first card replacement under the ID Card Replacement Policy is at no cost to the person requesting the replacement.

For more information or to request ID Card Replacement through this policy please contact  Maxine Moylan at or (631) 632-4762. 


Changing Stony Brook Email Address to Reflect Chosen or Preferred Names

As it relates to the Chosen or Preferred Name Policy, if a Stony Brook University student/faculty/staff member would like to change their Stony Brook email address to reflect their chosen or preferred name, they must first update their name on SOLAR. Then, please contact Maxine Moylan at or (631) 632-4762, with their ID number, current email address, requested email address, and pronouns in use.