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The LGBTQ* Center is located on the second floor of West Side Dining; along with stairs, there is an elevator available to all of our guests. When you enter West Side Dining at the entrance next to the Market, make an immediate left and the elevator and the doorway to the stairs will be in front of you. We are committed to making the LGBTQ* Center an accessible space to all and continue to strive to make things more accommodating to all individuals.

  • Lighting in the LGBTQ* Center is primarily dimmable LEDs and not flourescent.  
  • There is an accessible, all-gender restroom within the LGBTQ* Center.
  • The LGBTQ* Center strives to maintain a furniture layout that allows for accessible navigation of the space. If at any time the space is restricting, please ask any of our staff, and they will happily adjust things to accommodate. 
  • Service animals are welcome in the LGBTQ* Center.
  • There is generally music playing throughout the LGBTQ* Center during our hours. If you require adjustments to , please ask and our staff will gladly adjust it for you.
  • Every room designated sign for the space (including the restroom) has Braille labels.
  • All computers in the LGBTQ* Center are programmed to not show full legal names on the logged in users on the login or lock screen nor do they save your NetID on the login screen.
  • Food and snacks offered by LGBTQ* Services, either in the Center or at a program, are labelled to indicate if it contains common allergens or dietary restrictions (dairy, gluten, nuts, meat, etc.). 
  • When hosting catered events LGBTQ* Services strives to provide options that are vegan, gluten free, halal, and kosher whenever possible. If you have questions about a specific event, please contact the LGBTQ* Services team

We are constantly trying to make our space more accessible to all. If there is an accessibility concern not addressed on this page, please feel free to contact us, and when we know more about the concern, we will update you and this page as a reference to all.