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Current Programming

For the most updated information about out upcoming programs and events, be sure to visit our page on SBEngaged!

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Free HIV Testing

Stony Brook Medicine, through the Suffolk Project for AIDS Resource Coordination (SPARC) HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Program, is providing free HIV testing for HIV during the third Thursday of every month.

Dates Available: 01/26, 02/16, 03/16 at 12:30 PM - 5:30 PM


What's the Queer Tea?

What's the Queer Tea? is a program in which LGBTQ* Services hosts a discussion on specific LGBTQ* topics here at the LGBTQ* Center. Check back for more information about Queer Tea events for Fall 2022 and Spring 2023. 


LGBTQ* Services Affinity Groups Coming Soon!

Affinity groups are for folks who share identities to share space and experiences with one another and discuss LGBTQ* topics. 

Affinity groups are not meant as a replacement for counseling services and are not open for research or observation. 

We are recruiting volunteers from the campus community to hold affinity groups at the LGBTQ* Center for the Spring semester. It is a weekly one-hour commitment during regular operating hours Monday through Friday. These groups do not have a specific structure and can be based around discussions, activities, playing games, or just hanging out with people and developing a community. We will provide guidance on running these groups.

If you identify as LGBTQ* and would like to create a space for shared identities to meet, please click on the link below.

Affinity Group Interest Form


Listed below are the affinity groups offered last semester, Fall 2022. Not all affinity groups will be available for this semster, Spring 2023.

Queer POC

The Queer POC affinity group is a space for LGBTQ* identifying people of color to share space, talk about their experiences, connect and build community and participate in different discussion and activities.

Sapphic Space

Sapphic Space provides a place for all non-men attracted to non-men to meet, make friends, and discuss our identity. We introduce topics of discussion about our identity, make connections, and build a small community on campus with one another. Folks can come socialize, hang out, play games, or just chill.

Queerly Abled

Queerly Abled is an affinity group for disabled queer people. We will discuss love and romance on the disability spectrum, the history of disability rights activism, and build community through this group

Transgender & Non-binary

Looking for a place to meet other trans, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming folks? Trans & Nonbinary Affinity Group is for students of all identities under the trans umbrella to hang out, make friends, and share life experiences.  

Gay and Bi Male Identifying

The Gay and Bi Male Identifying group is a space for students identifying as gay/bi and male to talk about lived experiences, make friends, and connect with one another.

Queer Ummah

This affinity group amplifies queer Muslims, allowing them to acknowledge and celebrate the beautiful intersectionality in our ummah. Whether you want to find others like you, or simply want a positive, affirming space, this community is for you!

Queer Gaming

Want to hang out with other queer gamers? Then the Queer Gaming affinity group (or Gaymer Group) is the place for you. We’ll form discussions, socialize, and hopefully play some games at our meetings. 


The A-Spec affinity group is a space for those who are on the ace-allo spectrum. This group is also open for those questioning their identity on the ace-allo spectrum. The group will meet weekly to share lived experiences, engage in discussions, create connections and build a community.

Grad Hour

The Grad Hour Affinity Group is a space for graduate students who identify within the LGBTQ* community to talk about lived experiences, make friends, and connect with one another.


Latine/Latinx is a space for those who identify as Latin American to be free to talk about any Queer topics and/or what it means to be Latine/x in this day and age. Whether it’s talking about history or just having a nice discussion about everyone’s day, Latine/x is a space for people to be comfortable about their identity.

Queer in STEM - Out in STEM (oSTEM)

Queer in STEM is a community of LGBTQ* individuals who are part of the STEM field. It’s an open space for folks to socialize, build community, prepare for the STEM profession, and discuss the pressures of being in STEM.