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Applications for the Fall 2022 - Spring 2023 internship cycle are now closed!

Please check back in October for information about the Spring 2023 - Fall 2023 internship cycle. 

LGBTQ* Services Internships

12 hours per week, up to 3 Credits per semester, 2 semesters 

LGBTQ* Services is a service area within the Division of Student Affairs. It consists of a team of students and professional staff dedicated to creating and maintaining an affirming and inclusive campus environment for LGBTQ* students in virtual and/or in-person spaces.

We are seeking undergraduate students who are passionate about supporting LGBTQ* communities at Stony Brook University through education, advocacy and community building. This internship will give you the opportunity to gain experience with:  

Program Planning

Public Speaking

Social Media

Graphic Design




Customer Service

Problem Solving


The LGBTQ* Services Team

Description: The LGBTQ* Services Team is a group of students who work closely with professional staff and who are dedicated to creating and maintaining an affirming and inclusive campus environment for LGBTQ* students. The LGBTQ* Services Team aims to achieve this through educational, social, and advocacy-based opportunities including the development of resources, programs, events, tabling, and outreach initiatives.

The LGBTQ* Outreach Programming Responsibilities:

  1. Create a welcoming and affirming environment for guests of the LGBTQ* Center through daily hosting activities.
  2. Educate Stony Brook LGBTQ* communities and general audiences about topics relevant to LGBTQ* folks. 
  3. Plan small and large scale programming on campus to serve the Stony Brook LGBTQ* communities through traditions, collaborations, and original programming.
  4. Identify, understand, and educate about student safety, health, and wellness needs.
  5. Represent LGBTQ* Services at various campus programs and events.
  6. Provide customer service and engage with guests to build community and foster meaningful conversation and growth amongst guests. 
  7. Assist LGBTQ* students in getting connected with other campus resources.