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Research Mailing List

Why Research is Important

Research is important for a variety of reasons, starting with the fact that it increases our body of knowledge about things. This knowledge is used to inform our decisions on how to act, policies to have, and how to learn more moving forward. This is important to people of the LGBTQ* communities because more knowledge about us would generally increase our presence giving us more say at the table as well as giving us a stronger voice once we get there. With research, we can find out about the real experiences that people have and how to make them better. This can influence the laws and policies around us such as how we are treated and with what in healthcare, how space is made for us in public areas, how we are addressed, and how to do all of this more effectively.

What You Can Get from Participating in Research

Many IRB approved research projects (meaning that the rights, welfare, and privacy of the human subjects have will be safe and protected in this study) reach out to LGBTQ* Services looking for LGBTQ* participants for their studies. Some of these studies offer monetary compensation for their participants’ time, some enter the participants into a raffle for compensation, and others do not offer compensation. Regardless, all participation is dependent on the study and with consent of the participant that may leave at any time.

How You Can Get Involved

If you are interested in being added to a mailing list to receive these inquiries, please fill out this form and we will send you the inquiries that we get sent. By filling out this form, you consent to LGBTQ* Services adding your contact information to a mailing list that research opportunities may be forwarded to as opportunities arise. 

Please note, LGBTQ* Services and Stony Brook University are not affiliated with any of the research studies that we will provide you with nor are we responsible for any form of compensation that may be offered by the study (unless otherwise specified).