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Welcome to the Virtual LGBTQ* Center!

The Virtual LGBTQ* Center is closed for the Summer!

Even though the Virtual LGBTQ* Center is closed for the summer, LGBTQ* Services is still here for you! To connect, please call (631) 632-1690 or email

Stay tuned here for more information about the Virtual LGBTQ* Center for Fall 2021!

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Virtual LGBTQ* Center's Hours

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For information on upcoming programs, be sure to click through the gallery below.
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LGBTQ* Center Hours

LGBTQ* Center in West Side Dining

Closed for the Summer


Virtual LGBTQ* Center 

Closed for the Summer

LGBTQ* Center HoursLGBTQ* Center in West Side DiningClosed for the Summer Virtual LGBTQ* Center Closed for the Summer... Learn more about the LGBTQ* Center


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