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About LGBTQ* Services


LGBTQ* Services envisions Stony Brook University being publicly recognized as a leader in the inclusion and support of LGBTQ* communities.


LGBTQ* Services is committed to engaging the Stony Brook University community in the creation and maintenance of a safe, healthy, supportive, inclusive and affirming environment for LGBTQ* communities.

Core Values

Opportunity, Access and Inclusion: Promote an inclusive community where LGBTQ* people have the opportunity and access to fully participate in all areas of the University.

Advocacy: Provide support and resources to actively address issues and concerns that impact LGBTQ* individuals and communities.

Education and Outreach: Provide educational opportunities for students, faculty and staff to develop a community of understanding and respect for LGBTQ* people.

Intersectionality: Foster a community that understands and values a person’s intersecting and complex identities and experiences.

Community Building: Provide social, cultural, educational, recreational opportunities, both formal and informal, for LGBTQ* students to connect with one another and create community.

Social Justice: Foster a community that acknowledges and attempts to interrupt and change systems of oppression through coalition building across communities. 

Contact Us

See our contact information for both LGBTQ* Services and the LGBTQ* Center.