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Counseling and Health Broad Based Fee

This fee supports the operations, offerings and staffing for Stony Brook’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). This service is open and serving the campus community. All services provided to students in person or over zoom. In person sessions are preferred, however there may be occasions where zoom sessions are indicated based on student needs. For individual counseling and psychiatry, students may choose between in-person or zoom meetings depending on what is most convenient and comfortable for their unique situation. CAPS provides a full range of group counseling options, including process groups (Undergraduate and Graduate Interpersonal Process Groups, Chaotic Backgrounds), support groups (Graduate, Undergraduate, health professions, Women of Color, LGBTQ*), mindfulness meditation, and skill-building workshops to help students effectively cope with anxiety or other mood concerns. 

The skill-building groups offered include:

  • Anxiety 101 (1 Session)-Basics of Anxiety: Basic, brief psychoeducation on anxiety
  • Anxiety Toolbox (3 sessions): Workshop to better understand anxiety and how to manage it. Develop a plan to better manage anxiety through developing greater awareness/understanding, helping to slow down one’s reaction and develop alternative strategies than ones being used
  • Recognition Insight and Openness (RIO, 3 sessions): Aimed at building skills in self-reflection and creating flexibility in how one responds to distress. Helps students gain a deeper understanding of their presenting concerns, and move forward with a better understanding of personal values/where to best direct their energy
  • Building Relationship Intimacy and Dialogue Effectiveness (BRIDGE, 3 sessions): Workshop to help with understanding and knowledge about how to build and maintain healthy, effective relationships. Learn skills to build connection and intimacy, appropriate boundaries, and deal with conflict resolution
  • Seeking Serenity (3 sessions): Group for students with difficulty managing overwhelming emotion

Scheduling for workshops is based on student interest/availability. If you would like to register, please call CAPS (631-632-6720) to express interest.           

For students who are off-campus and prefer to see providers closer to their home, CAPS offers care management services to help students find providers who provide specialized care and that take their insurance. CAPS has something to offer every Stony Brook student, including the 24-hour CAPS After Hours line or a group or workshop to supplement individual treatment. So whether a student’s primary provider is with CAPS or in the community, CAPS is here to help  all students find the type and amount of mental health services to support their academic success and overall well being.

The Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) is the primary avenue for student and campus community input into planning, delivery, and evaluation of health, counseling, and prevention services. Click here to learn more about the Student Health Advisory Committee.