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Goal Oriented One at a Time Counseling 

These one-time sessions are for targeting an immediate concern. The counselor works with the student to help them use their strengths and skills to problem solve and find resolutions or ways to cope with current issues. The purpose of goal oriented one at a time counseling is to complete counseling goals within one session.

The counselor focuses on your strengths and skills, then helps you identify and practice strategies you can use in the moment to help you create a shift towards change. Goal oriented one at a time counseling uses pointed strategies and solution focused techniques to work towards a specific goal based on your current presenting concern.

Students seek counseling goal oriented one at a time counseling with a specific goal or concern such as “ I am afraid I won't graduate”. This mode of counseling helps students identify and develop helpful coping mechanisms which may reduce anxiety, low motivation, depressed mood, substance misuse, or other presenting concerns.   If issues arise that cannot be solved in a single session the student will be referred to appropriate alternative resources.