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Graduate Courses

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EDT  531 STEAM Education: Foundations
In this course participants will learn about STEAM principles, concepts and skills for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math education. Participants will begin to explore the use of STEAM tools within the curriculum and examine the research behind STEAM pedagogy. Participants will look at different fields and areas of business and industry to see how STEAM skills are being applied to real world situations, careers and fields. The culminating activity for this course is to analyze a field which relies heavily on STEAM skills and adapt an activity for the classroom that prepares students for these challenges. This course includes online flexible synchronous meetings.

EDT 532 STEAM Education: Educational Best Practices
In this course participants will begin to utilize STEAM tools and apply them within their own educational environment. They will adapt existing lessons and activities to reflect STEAM tools, principles and ideologies, developing a strong understanding of STEAM pedagogy within instructional practice. Participants will explore web based STEAM tools for education and understand how to apply those tools to their classroom. This course includes online flexible synchronous meetings. EDT 531 is a prerequisite for this course.

EDT 533 STEAM Education: Curriculum Integration
In this course participants will learn how to fully integrate STEAM tools and leverage best practices into their curriculum. Participants will develop an extensive integration plan for a specific learning environment and associated curriculum. Participants will align STEAM best practices, pedagogy, 21-century skills and their own research to develop an integration plan that outlines a cohesive STEAM learning experience. The culmination of this course and program will be the delivery of part of this integration plan in their educational environment and presentation of the overall integration plan to peers. This course includes online flexible synchronous meetings. EDT 531 and EDT 532 are prerequisites for this course.EDT 533 - STEAM Education: Curriculum Integration

EDT 541 - Digital Wellness and Education
In this course, students will take a step back and look at how Technology affects our overall wellness and state of mind. Technology drives our every move in this fast paced society. Everywhere you look, our youth is connected to a device and has access to unlimited information. This course explores the use of technology among the younger generation and examines the impact emotionally and physically. Students will research policy and practices to help create a life, technology balance and show educators how to develop techniques to help students become more mindful and well rounded in this technology saturated living environment. By the end of this
course, students will have developed multiple techniques and strategies essential for balancing wellness, mindfulness, and technology into K-12 classroom curriculum.

EDT 544 Empowering All Learners Through Educational Technology

In this course participants will learn to integrate educational technology tools and applications, explore best practices, strategies and methods to help support needs of all student populations. Participants will plan, design and deliver a teacher centered educational technology workshop focused on leveraging technology to enhance curriculum and engage all student groups including special needs, ELLs ( English Language Learners), at-risk students and gifted and talented students. By the end of the course, participants will be able to fully understand how to harness the power of technology and engage all learner, so they reach their highest potential.