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Careers in Political Science


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The Career Center offers a wealth of knowledge and resources for all stages of professional development, from deciding a major based on your interests to learning about potential career opportunities in your field. Learn more about the Government & Public Service Career Community, or more about their overall resources and services here

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Leadership Connect

The Leadership Connect database is an exceptional tool that stays up-to-date with leaders in Congress and Federal government. Biographical and contact information for over 60,000 legal professionals, federal and state court staff, and litigation support staff in the public and private sectors is provided.

The database is updated daily to accommodate the ever-changing political world, including its federal leader organizational charts, congressional session calendars, and district maps.

The index is organized concisely and simply and is easily accessible for those pursuing careers in political science to use to their advantage,  regarding the tracking of numerous positions within state and federal government that might interest some.

Leadership Connect


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