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Hire a Stony Brook PhD

The Political Science Department at Stony Brook has a long tradition of placing students in positions at the finest research and liberal arts schools in the country and internationally. For a list of jobs our former students now hold, check out our Job Placements. This year's candidates are no exception to the legacy of excellence political scientists have come to expect from Stony Brook. Here are the current candidates:


  • James Cragun
    Dissertation:Individual Differences in Selective Exposure to Attitude-Congruent Political Information: Intuition, Faith, and Social EnvironmentCommittee: John Barry Ryan, Milton Lodge, Stanley Feldman, Paul Djupe
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  • Brandon Marshall
    Dissertation:Affective Polarization in a Group-Competition FrameworkCommittee: Stanley Feldman (chair), Leonie Huddy, Matthew Lebo
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Recent PhD Graduate Placements