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We are proud of our graduate students at Stony Brook. For a list of students on the job market, please check   Hire a Stony Brook PhD.


Talbot Andrews Contact Website
Robert Bird Contact  
Benjamin Carter Contact Website
Elizabeth Connors Contact Website
Ryan Cotter Contact  
James Cragun  Contact  Website
Caitlin Davies Contact Website
Alessandro Del Ponte Contact Website 
Justin Dollman Contact  
Matthew Duell Contact  
Sydney Gass Contact  
Tracy Goodwin Contact Website
Michelle Io-Low Contact  
Pei-Hsun Hsieh Contact  
Samuel Jens Contact  
Shawn Kim Contact  
Yi-Ta Lu Contact  
Brandon Marshall Contact Website
Alecia Nepaul Contact  
Joseph Sandor Contact  
Payel Sen Contact  
Elias Shammas Contact  
Victoria Smith Contact  
Hillary Style Contact  
Robert Vidigal Contact Website
Breanna Wright Contact  
Sara Yeganeh Contact Website
Michael Yontz Contact  
Yangzi Zhao Contact   Website