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Challenge Exams allow students to place into a language class and/or to meet Stony Brook's SBC: LANG for languages for which an FLPE exam is not offered. Challenge Exams also allow students to challenge select language courses for credit, and to earn the corresponding SBCs.

Italian Challenge Exam

If you wish to simply meet the LANG SBC or to determine which ITL class level is appropriate for you, please register to take the Italian Foreign Language Placement Exam (FLPE).

Italian challenge exams, for credit, are administered by a proctor on a one-on-one basis. 

Please carefully review the guidelines to confirm your eligibility. 

It is possible to take the exam to earn course credits on your transcript.  You may challenge ITL 112 (= 4 credits, LANG), 211 (3 credits, LANG, GLO), 212 (3 credits, GLO, HUM, LANG), 311 (3 credits HFA+, LANG, SPK) and/or 312 (3 credits HFA+, ESI, LANG, WRTD). The cost is $50 per credit.  

 If you pass the exam, you will satisfy the corresponding Stony Brook Curriculum (SBC(s) - i.e. LANG, etc.) and you will receive credits with a grade of "S" (Satisfactory) on your transcript.

 After confirming your eligibility to register, please follow the instructions below:

(1) Fill out the below form. Save it as a .pdf file.

Challenge Exam for Credit

(2) Make a payment online through Solar in the "What do I Owe" Section -- There is no bill, so pay the exact amount ($50 For Proficiency; $50 per credit for transcript credits)  Please follow this navigation: SOLAR>Campus Financial Services> Account Information/Payment) >What Do I Owe? From this page scroll down to 'Pay Tuition & Fees' and follow the steps to make a payment. Again, you will not receive a bill, so make the exact payment.

(3) After making payment, send the completed form as an attachment (pdf) in an email to the Bursar with a copy to the LLRC. Please use both of these 2 email addresses:

(4) The Bursar will confirm with the LLRC that you have paid the correct amount. Once payment confirmation is received, the proctor will be advised and they will contact you to arrange the exam. The exam is either in person or via Zoom, at the discretion of the proctor. After the exam, the proctor will communicate the results to the LLRC, and the LLRC will report them to the Registrar to appear on your transcript.