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LLRC Faculty Spotlight

The LLRC staff  conducts in-depth one-on-one interviews with world language instructors at Stony Brook University to gain insights into their dedication to teaching. Read their stories!

DZ Developing Suitable Learning Environments and Materials for diverse learners of Chinese (Dongmei Zeng, November 10, 2023)

Sharing, Appreciating, and Respecting Japanese Cultures with Students (Eva Nagase, November 8, 2023)


Students from Diverse Cultures Mix, Learn, and Break Down Cultural Barriers (Honaida Ahyad, Novermber 3, 2023)


Leading and Expanding World Language Teacher Education (Sarah Jourdain, October 25, 2023) 

AnnaG2 Learning Russian as Science and as Communicative Performance (Anne Geisherik, October 20, 2023)
Lilia_Ruiz_Debbe Passion and Compassion of the Director of the Spanish Language Program (Lilia Ruiz-Debbe, October 18, 2023)
RachelK From Heritage Speaker to Inspiring Language Educator (Rachel Kim, August 4, 2023) 


Anne_McNulty First Non-Native Speaking Japanese Language Instructor at SBU! (Anne McNulty, July 22, 2023)