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Challenge Exams allow students to place into a language class and/or to meet Stony Brook's SBC: LANG for languages for which an FLPE exam is not offered. Challenge Exams also allow students to challenge select language courses for credit, and to earn the corresponding SBCs, depending on eligibility.

Chinese Challenge Exam

If eligible, students can challenge the following courses:

  • CHI 112 (4 credits, LANG)
  • CHI 211 (3 credits, LANG, GLO)
  • CHI 212 (3 credits, GLO, HUM, LANG)
  • CHI 311 (3 credits LANG, HFA+)
  • CHI 312 (3 credits HFA+, SPK, LANG)

Use this questionnaire to determine your eligibility and if eligible, to register for the exam.

Winter '24 and Spring '24 Chinese Challenge Exam Registration is now open. Complete the eligibility questionnaire (above) for information and forms.
Winter '24 Exam Session - January 4-19, 2024
Winter Session Registration Deadline - January 2, 2024
Spring '24 exam Session - March 4-April 5, 2024
Spring Session Registration Deadline - March 18, 2024