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Challenge Exam

  • Challenge exams allow students to place into a language class and/or to meet Stony Brook's SBC: LANG for languages for which an FLPE exam is NOT offered.  
  • The Challenge Exam also allows students to challenge, in some cases, a specific language course for credit, and to earn the corresponding SBCs. 
  • Challenge exam fees are $50 for LANG only and $50/credit for course challenges.
  • Challenge Exam Guidelines

Stony Brook University's Foreign Language Challenge Exam program allows students to satisfy the Skill 3 / LANG general education requirement, and depending on the course that is challenged, other SBCs.  Students can earn credits (in some cases), or receive the appropriate placement in a sequence of language classes. Challenge Exams can be taken in all languages taught at Stony Brook and in some other foreign languages, depending on the availability of qualified proctors.

All students interested in taking a Challenge Exam should review the policies and guidelines and review the page for the language they are interested in challenging in the "Languages" section to the left. 

Students of Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish can take the FLPE to satisfy Skill 3/LANG and/or receive the appropirate placement in a sequence of language classes.  

To see what language courses are offered, go to Languages at SBU