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Members & Staff Directory

ICB&DD Members & Web sites

ICB&DD Members & Web sites

Name Web or email
Iwao Ojima
Michael Airola
Wadie Bahou
Agnieszka Bialkowska
Paul Bingham
Elizabeth Boon
Ezster Boros
Isaac Carrico
Wen-Tien Chen
Maurizio Del Poeta
Dale Deutsch
Dale Drueckhammer
Alfredo Fontanini
Michael Frohman
Miguel Garcia-Diaz
Steven Glynn
David Green
Angelo Gunasekera
John Hailey
Janet Hearing
Patrick Hearing
Tadashi Honda
Jacob Houghton
Francis Johnson
Roger A. Johnson
Jingfang Ju
Martin Kaczocha
Takushi Kaneko
Wali Karzai
Hyungjin Kim
Dmytro Kozakov
Scott Laughlin
Huilin  Li
Richard Lin
Luis Martinez
W. Todd Miller
David Montrose
Ming-Yu Ngai
Kathlyn A. Parker
Daniel P. Raleigh
Basil Rigas
 Robert Rizzo
Adam Rosebrock
Nicole S. Sampson
Jessica Seeliger
Markus Seeliger
Carlos Simmerling
Kenneth Shroyer
Subramanian Swaminathan
Styliani-Anna (Stella) Tsirka
Dongyan Tan
David Thanassi
Peter J. Tonge
Lloyd Trotman
Stephen Walker
Jin Wang
Stanislaus Wong
Vincent Yang
Stanley Zucker

ICB&DD Staff

Name Title
Nan Wang Acting Director of the Analytical Instrumentation Laboratory
Roxanne Brockner Assistant to the Director of ICB&DD