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Undergraduate Award

HISB is pleased to sponsor an Undergraduate Award for innovative research or activist projects in humanities, arts and lettered social sciences. These awards bestow recognition on the high quality of work fostered by our undergraduates as they seek to further the mission of liberal arts research and education. Any paper or project that seeks to investigate key questions in humanities, arts and social science knowledges are eligible. There are two kinds of awards. Individual awards come with a $250 stipend, while group awards carry a prize of $500. Past awards have gone to:

  • Group Award: "Belief: Jehovah's Witnesses in the 21st Century"
  • Group Award: "Farmingville Revisited: Immigration on Long Island"
  • Individual Award: "Disability Studies"
  • Individual Award: "How to Leave an Abusive Relationship"
  • Individual Award: "The Digital Spectacle: How Visual Effects Have Changed American Cinema"
  • Group Award: "Islamophobia: Am I a Terrorist?"
  • Group Award: "Intersex: Live as Both" 

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