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HISB Spring 2019 Events Calendar

This year the Humanities Institute at Stony Brook will focus its activities on the Public Humanities and the many practices that re-conceptualize the visual arts, music, theater, literature, history, and philosophy as instruments for community engagement and transformation.

As compassionate observers and creators of culture and community, scholars in the humanities have developed a rich set of tools to examine the human experience and to deal with conflict, crisis, and social fracture.

Through our work in the Public Humanities, we will explore and engage a wide array of techniques and practices aiming to bring new voices into the Humanities conversations, to establish productive collaborations with other disciplines, to build bridges between academic and community partners, and to explore the ways in which new media and technologies can help in these endeavors.

 Please join us at the Humanities Institute this year when "The Humanities Go Public: Cultures and Communities in the Digital Age".

To download a pdf of the calendar, click here.