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graduate Courses (Spring 2024) 

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For a compete list of the courses being offered Spring 2024, click here

History Graduate students are encouraged to take for credit or audit Stony Brook graduate courses offered by faculty affiliates and others in related fields.

Eligible students (doctoral students 2nd year and above) may take courses for credit via the NY Area Inter-University Doctoral Consortium.  Students can browse IUDC courses on the websites of participating universities and departments. For all courses outside of Stony Brook, students should consult with their primary advisor before deciding to enroll. If a student intends to use an IUDC course towards a program requirement (Field, Theme, etc), the Graduate Program Director can grant provisional approval based on an available syllabus or description of course coverage and requirements.  This should be accompanied by a note of endorsement from the student's advisor indicating that the course is a good fit for training in the program. Students can also explore options in other SBU departments and programs by following the same approval process.

Course Descriptions

For a complete list of the courses offered by the department from 2010 onward, visit the graduate course archive