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Public Engagement


Here is a sample list of our faculty and student participation in events or publications for wide audiences, taking academic work into the public sphere.

ELENA DAVIDIAK on “Raising and Educating Bilingual Children”

On October 12th 2018,   Dr. Elena Davidiak presented her research on early childhood bilingualism, with a specific emphasis on challenges and strategies for parents and educators.   Read more

ELENA DAVIDIAK “The Bilingual Identity and its Expression in Oral and Written Form”

On October 30th, 2017, the University Libraries presented  Dr. Elena Davidiak on Bilingual Identity.  People who consistently exist and function within two linguistic and cultural domains express their complex linguistic and cultural identity through the way they communicate in speech and in writing.  Read more.

PAUL FIRBAS on the first news-sheets of the Americas published in Lima between 1700-1711

Paul Firbas quoted in Spanish newspaper  La Vanguardia (05/20/17) on his edition and publication of the first volume of  the “Diario de noticias nobresalientes en Lima y Noticias de Europa (1700-1711) ,” in which he has been working for more than a decade together with Prof. José Rodríguez Garrido from Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP).  Read more.

PAUL FIRBAS on the work and life of the Inca Garcilaso, in 'Documentos RNE' (Spanish Public Radio)

Paul Firbas participation in Spanish public radio (RNE) on Inca Garcilaso (08/20/16) and the exhibition at the Biblioteca Nacional de España “La biblioteca del Inca Garcilaso de la Vega (1616-2016),” in which he was one of the curators.  Read more.

JOSEPH PIERCE on "The Problematic History of the Word "Hispanic"

In an op-ed for  Latinx Heritage Month in TeenVogue (10/09/18), writer Araceli Cruz explains the problematic history of the word “Hispanic.” The op-ed includes statements from Prof. Joseph PierceRead more.

JOSEPH PIERCE on "Museums Must Engage More with Indigenous Peoples"

Article authored by Joseph Pierce publisehd in  The Art News Paper, Nov 5th, 2019.