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Intensive English Program

5 week program

About the Program

The Intensive English Program is a full-time program run by the Intensive English Center (IEC).  It is designed to help conditionally admitted undergraduate and graduate international students with their academic English skills, communicative strategies, and intercultural competence. Those interested in improving their English language skills for personal, professional, or academic purposes are also encouraged to enroll.   There is no language proficiency requirement.  

At this time, the IEC is planning an in-person program.  Online sections might be offered based on demand.  The online classes will be synchronous and following the same schedule as the in-person classes (see below). Please check back for updates.

Course Description

Upon entering the Intensive English Program, new students will be required to take an English placement exam to ensure they are placed in the proper level in the Intensive English Center (IEC)'s curriculum sequence. There are four levels available as described below.

IEC 101 IEC 102 IEC 103 IEC 104
High Beginner Low Intermediate High Intermediate Advanced

Schedule (TEntative)

  • Classes will meet Monday through Thursday from 9:00 am - 2:30 pm.
  • Special lectures by distinguished faculty or administrators  may be offered from 1:00 - 2:30 pm and all students are required to attend. 
  • On Fridays and weekends, participants will attend tutoring, optional field trips, and cultural events planned by GSI and will have free time to enjoy activities of their own choice.

For a detailed schedule, visit the IEC website.


Admission Requirements