Undergraduate Bulletin

Spring 2020 Bulletin

GLI: Globalization Studies and International Relations

GLI 211: Perspectives in Globalization Studies and International Relations

Introduces students to the major in Globalization Studies and International Relations through a wide ranging study of the ways in which globalization processes affect a wide variety of the different human groups and the planet they populate. It is structured according to the distinctive thematic guidelines that inform this Major and pays special attention to global flows, global inequalities, and the role of active citizenship in globalization. The aim is to study the local consequences of global events, cultural process, and socio-economic structures and vice-versa.

DEC:     F

3 credits

GLI 320: Global, Cultural, and Environmental Issues

Provides a critical understanding of how environmental problems and conflicts have roots in global social processes (such as culture, community, and political and economic inequality), and how these social forces in turn bear on the ways individuals and groups understand environmental problems and politically mobilize to change them. Specific emphases of the course deal with the links, at a global scale, between environmental degradation and various social problems like violence, spreading of disease, and international migration.

Prerequisite: GLI 211

DEC:     H

3 credits

GLI 330: Global, Political, and Economic Issues

Explores global social, economic, and political structures and processes. Issues to be discussed include: the changing role of state sovereignty in a globalized system; the social and political implications of a global economy; the emergence of cultural figurations in which local and global trends are fused; the formation of transnational social movements, the emergence of a global civil society, the continuous flows of migration, nascent forms of transnationalism, the prospects for a democratic future; and the formation of a global human rights regime. The course explores these processes from a perspective that underscores the impact global interdependencies carry for people in the daily lives.

Prerequisite: GLI 211

SBC:     SBS+

3 credits

GLI 340: Conflict Resolution, Coalition Building, and Peacemaking

Provides an interdisciplinary understanding and analysis of conflict and the development and practice of coalition building and peacemaking that may assist in bringing forth resolutions. We will explore each of these issues at the inter-personal, local, and global levels. Students in this course will gain theoretical, historical, and practical knowledge about conflict and conflict resolution processes to start the work of de-escalating and solving conflicts.

Prerequisite: GLI 211

SBC:     CER

3 credits

GLI 450: Capstone Seminar in Globalization Studies and International Relations

Designed to put into practice the student's accumulated training in the major by completing a single original research project. The project should combine the student's area and global issue specializations as well as his or her foreign language expertise, and international study or internship experience. Students will choose a faculty mentor who specializes in either the area or the issue they are researching. The faculty mentor will provide additional and under supervision as the project progresses.

Prerequisite: GLI 211; GLI major; U4 status

Pre- or corequisites: GLO 320, GLI 330, GLI 340


3 credits