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Stony Brook University Scholarships

Stony Brook University is committed to recognizing and rewarding our students' excellence in all areas of learning and research.  We offer a variety of scholarships to new and continuing students, some of which are based on merit alone and others which take into account special talents, leadership and community service or financial need.

Because student financial need is sometimes an eligibility requirement or consideration, we encourage you to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as early as possible, in January of the year preceding your fall enrollment.  Offered scholarships will be part of the complete financial aid award package, which cannot exceed the budgeted cost of attendance.  Scholarships can be applied to any of the costs associated with a student's Stony Brook education and need not be used for tuition only.

Scholarship Universe

Scholarship Universe allows students to create personalized profiles to help students match to scholarships that are available to them.  Undergraduates and first-year students begin your journey here for applying for scholarships.



Graduate Scholarships

Students may be eligible for scholarships through their departments to succeed in their graduate career.




We are dedicated to serving those who served us with the same tireless effort, putting their needs in the forefront, and assisting our veterans, service members and their dependents in receiving their education benefits, facilitating their transition into our college and providing support for their ongoing academic success.



International Students

Learn more about scholarship opportunities for international students studying at Stony Brook University.