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External Scholarships and Awards

Organizations, agencies and donors offer scholarships opportunities to students who meet eligibility criteria.  Funding from outside organizations can include student/parent employers, Clubs/Organizations students belong to, high school resources, etc.

We encourage all students to explore all opportunities when locating scholarships.

Be sure to review Scholarship Universe a resource for students to help match them to scholarships.


Reporting of External Award

Please submit your scholarship award letter to  Once Student Financial Services has this letter on file, your account will be updated to reflect your pending scholarship.  At that time, your scholarship will be listed on your invoice under the Anticipated Aid section.  After your scholarship payment is received and disbursed to your account, you will see your scholarship listed under the Financial Aid Disbursements section of your invoice. 

Please note, if you are receiving an external scholarship and the NYS Excelsior Scholarship, your scholarship award letter must state that your scholarship can not be used towards tuition, in order for your scholarship to not impact your Excelsior funds.  

For questions regarding your NYS Excelsior scholarship please email,

If your scholarship provider requires a W9 form from Stony Brook University, please provide them with the following email address,, and we will submit this form directly to them. 

Please send all scholarship checks to:
Stony Brook University 
Student Financial Services
P.O Box 619 
Stony Brook, NY 11790

We ask that your scholarship check includes your name and SBU ID number. 


Scholarships - Social Media

Our office will also post external scholarships to our social media accounts to inform students of additional scholarships that may be available to them.