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Faculty Collaborators

Dr. Jackie Collier: Associate Professor, School of Marine & Atmospherics Sciences

Dr. Ben Hsiao: Distinguished Professor, Department of Chemistry

Dr. Xinwei Mao: Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering

Dr. Alex Orlov: Associate Professor, Department of Materials Science & Chemical Engineering

Dr. Roy Price: Adjunct Assistant Professor, School of Marine & Atmospheric Sciences

Dr. Nils Volkenborn: Assistant Professor, School of Marine & Atmospheric Sciences

Dr. Laura Wehrmann: Assistant Professor, School of Marine & Atmospheric Sciences

Dr. Qingzhi Zhu: Associate Professor, School of Marine & Atmorpheric Sciences

Graduate / Undergraduate Student Assistants

Mr. Siwei Chen, PhD student: Development of a Novel Continuous-Flow Nitrogen Removing Biofilter with Pre-Aeration and Internal Recycle for Nitrogen Removal from Onsite Wastewater

Ms. Xiumei Jian, PhD student: Natural-based materials development for Nitrogen and Phosphorus removal and recovery

Mr. Duning Li, PhD student: Development and Application of Novel Bioadsorbents for Enhanced Removal of PFAS

Mr. Jing-An Lin, PhD student: Groundwater Transport and the Prediction of PRB Performance

Mr. Kaushik Londhe, PhD student: Treatment of Contaminants of Emerging Concern in Drinking Water

Ms. Yuyin Tang, PhD student: Development of a biological activated filter to enhance 1,4-dioxane and natural organic matters removal from contaminated groundwater

Mr. Justice Woke, PhD student

Mr. Fanjian Zeng, PhD student: Removal and Recovery of Phosphorus from Onsite Wastewater

Mr. Huyi Zhang, PhD student: Microbial Ecology in Denitrification Woodchip Bioreactors

Graduate and Undergraduate students may be hired as Research/Student Assistants to work in learning capacities and assist the research team. For further information on working for the Center for Clean Water Technology contact